Talent Engagement Mobile Platform

Engage and Empower Talent

Avionté 24/7 delivers the ultimate mobile candidate experience by making it easy to attract, engage, onboard, and deploy talent with a best-in-class 24/7 mobile talent platform.

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Mobile recruiting app

One Place for All Things Talent

Value for Recruiters & Talent

Find out how mobile staffing apps are revolutionizing the staffing industry by helping recruiters create a great candidate experiences and engage with top talent.

Connect Candidates with Open Positions

Quickly match job seekers with new opportunities that fit their skills, schedule, location, and more.

Simplify Placement

Enable talent to pre-qualify, onboard, manage scheduling and track payroll information directly from their mobile device.

Mobile recruiting app with chatbot
Mobile recruiting app with job details
Mobile talent engagement with payday info
Mobile recruiting app with skills match job distribution
Mobile recruiting app with skills match job distribution
Mobile talent engagement with job details
Mobile recruiting app with job details

Staffing mobile app with payday access
Staffing mobile app with chatbot
Staffing mobile app with chatbot

Talent Empowered

Enrollment & Adoption

A great mobile experience and an intuitive interface encourages candidates to download and use the mobile app.

SmartLink allows users to quickly and securely download the app via text or email. Once downloaded, talent will automatically be logged in.

Decrease transaction times and automate repetitive process with custom-tailored onboarding workflows designed to engage and empower talent in-app or online.

Recruiters can pre-configure, save, and initiate automated onboarding workflows that allow candidates to answer questions, complete forms, sign documents, and submit pictures of critical identification – all from their smartphones.

Reach talent in seconds and confirm job offers in minutes by incorporating algorithmic matching technology that instantly identifies and alerts best-match candidates of new job opportunities.

Sequentially distribute and alert talent of new job opportunities that are right for them.

Increase show-up and redeployment rates by putting control in the hands of your candidates. With Avionté 24/7, they can manage their schedule in real-time, and review job details and requirements.

Drive accountability by allowing talent to express interest, accept an offer, track time, and manage their schedule directly from the mobile app.

Build trust and long-term loyalty with talent by providing payday information the moment it’s processed with a candidate engagement mobile platform. Avionté 24/7 helps make the process easy, accurate, and transparent.

Talent can track everything from their regular paychecks to year-end tax forms directly from their mobile device.

Automate repetitive tasks with AI-enhanced messaging and candidate engagement so recruiters can focus on higher value initiatives such as building and nurturing relationships with talent.

Engage talent in real time with automated notifications, alerts, and messaging tailored to their status, lifecycle stage, location, and more.

Recruit new talent with a custom-branded job board that allows them to find relevant job opportunities around their location and apply for open roles -directly from their mobile device.

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Drive Profitability and Growth

Talent Engagement Mobile Platform

Your Competitive Edge

Boost productivity, reduce operating costs, improve time to fill rates, and provide an exceptional experience for your team, your talent, and your clients. You can do it all with Avionté’s staffing mobile app.

Talent Engagement Mobile Platform

A Smarter Way to Staff

Fill jobs faster, retain and redeploy your best talent, lower your job board costs, and deliver better results for your customers.

“Avionté allows us to focus on our core values of being bold and adapting to change as we leverage the technology and advancements our customized 24/7 App offers.”

J. Hutchin

Renhill HR on Demand

The One and Only Fully Integrated Staffing Platform

For competitive advantage and long term success


Staffing gets scalable technology, automated end-to-end workflows, and powerful Business Intelligence Tools.


Talent has a convenient, user-friendly mobile app that empowers them at every step of the work experience.


Recruiter and sales team workflows are aligned and seamlessly coordinated from a single source of truth. Ultra-modern ATS provides best-in-class talent search, communications, and video interviewing.


Front-Office data flows downstream to a complete Payroll/Billing Solution designed for staffing. Time & Expense, Custom Invoicing, Year-End Reporting & Tax Filing, and Compliance are core features.

Business Intelligence

The BI tool employs a snowflake data scheme to combine sales, talent, invoicing, and pay data into a single 360 view of the enterprise, with the ability to drill down by recruiter, location, or industry.


A complete pay card solution is fully integrated into the platform to support a wide range of automated pay and expense reimbursement processes to employees.


APIs and Avionté pre-certified third-party software integrations permit customers to create highly customized workflows while preserving a consistent user interface and a single system of record.


With a single click, talent can automatically download and log in to a mobile talent app that allows them to review and apply for positions directly from the convenience of their smart phone.


Candidates can immediately determine next steps, enter pre-screening information through a natural language chatbot, and schedule an interview with a live recruiter—all at their convenience.


The Avionté Pixel chatbot integrates critical workflows between the talent mobile device and the staffing platform, to support all candidate interactions from Apply and Interview, to Onboarding, Scheduling, and Electronic Pay Statements.


Our Workforce Management and scheduling tool allows employers to push work opportunities out to pre-qualified candidates, empowering them to choose the job roles, time slots, and work locations that best fit their personal schedule.

Track Time

Mobile time keeping with geo-fencing is built directly into the mobile app. Talent clocks in as they show up at work.


Workers have direct access to an electronic copy of their pay stub, along with access to all critical year end tax documents.


Relevant job opportunities can be pushed out to talent prior to completion of a work assignment, giving them a convenient opportunity to immediately take on a new work opportunity.


Employer prefers to work with staffing agencies that deploy cutting edge technology to recruit and retain loyal talent. Key benefits include faster time to fill, more reliable talent, and traceability from initial sale to final invoice.

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