Staffing Agency Payroll and Billing Software

Efficient, Reliable, Cost Effective

Reduce cost and improve scalability and transparency with seamless, fully-integrated back office automations and built-in compliance checks.

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Staffing payroll and billing back office platform

The Power of a Complete Integration

Seamless Data Flow

Automate transactional functions and workflows from front to back. Drive efficiency and reduce errors. 

Scalable and Affordable

Grow your business without increasing your payroll and administrative costs.

Convert Data into Business Analytics

Quickly transform payroll and billing data into meaningful business analytics to determine gross profit.

Staffing payroll billing instant access to pay info
Staffing payroll billing increased back office efficiency
Staffing payroll billing increased efficiency
Staffing payroll billing with timekeeping
Staffing payroll billing integrated with sales and recruiting
Staffing payroll billing custom invoices

Staffing payroll billing compliance checks
Staffing payroll billing federal forms year-end
Staffing payroll billing business analytics

A Complete Back Office Solution

Time & Expense Management

From mobile entry to timeclock imports, there are a variety of time capture options to meet customer and employee needs. Avionté’s time, attendance and expense software for staffing companies facilitates faster revenue recognition.

A single, integrated system for front and back office data means accurate payroll and a seamless flow of data from customer, order and employee records.

With configurable invoicing capabilities, you can automatically email invoices and monthly statements that meet specific customer billing requirements.

Simplify and manage all of your compliance obligations in a single system – Affordable Care Act (ACA), unemployment, worker comp, sick pay, garnishments and more.

From federal e-filing and integrated reporting to generating W-2s, 1095-C, 1099s, our robust, user-friendly interface streamlines year-end close.

Integrated payroll and billing offers an in-depth view of business analytics including labor cost, workers comp and unemployment to gain instant visibility of gross profit and margin.

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A Better Pay Experience for Everyone

Staffing payroll billing talent access to payday info

Mobile Access to Pay Information

Mobile access to pay status, history and year-end tax figures improves transparency, builds trust and eliminates unnecessary payroll inquiries.

Staffing payroll billing talent access to payday info

Designed to Help Retain Your Best Talent

Provide quick and convenient access to employee wages with CHANGE Virtual Card™ – the first payments account and card approved by Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung.

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Staffing payroll billing year-end documents

All Year-End Documents Available Electronically

Empower employees to access all year end tax documents, while continuing to engage with them through the mobile talent platform.

“We have saved thousands of dollars in payroll related costs and the amount of time that we have saved daily and weekly has been amazing!”

Integrity Trade Services, Inc.

Patti Mensik

The One and Only Fully Integrated Staffing Platform

For competitive advantage and long term success


Staffing gets scalable technology, automated end-to-end workflows, and powerful Business Intelligence Tools.


Talent has a convenient, user-friendly mobile app that empowers them at every step of the work experience.


Recruiter and sales team workflows are aligned and seamlessly coordinated from a single source of truth. Ultra-modern ATS provides best-in-class talent search, communications, and video interviewing.


Front-Office data flows downstream to a complete Payroll/Billing Solution designed for staffing. Time & Expense, Custom Invoicing, Year-End Reporting & Tax Filing, and Compliance are core features.

Business Intelligence

The BI tool employs a snowflake data scheme to combine sales, talent, invoicing, and pay data into a single 360 view of the enterprise, with the ability to drill down by recruiter, location, or industry.


A complete pay card solution is fully integrated into the platform to support a wide range of automated pay and expense reimbursement processes to employees.


APIs and Avionté pre-certified third-party software integrations permit customers to create highly customized workflows while preserving a consistent user interface and a single system of record.


With a single click, talent can automatically download and log in to a mobile talent app that allows them to review and apply for positions directly from the convenience of their smart phone.


Candidates can immediately determine next steps, enter pre-screening information through a natural language chatbot, and schedule an interview with a live recruiter—all at their convenience.


The Avionté Pixel chatbot integrates critical workflows between the talent mobile device and the staffing platform, to support all candidate interactions from Apply and Interview, to Onboarding, Scheduling, and Electronic Pay Statements.


Our Workforce Management and scheduling tool allows employers to push work opportunities out to pre-qualified candidates, empowering them to choose the job roles, time slots, and work locations that best fit their personal schedule.

Track Time

Mobile time keeping with geo-fencing is built directly into the mobile app. Talent clocks in as they show up at work.


Workers have direct access to an electronic copy of their pay stub, along with access to all critical year end tax documents.


Relevant job opportunities can be pushed out to talent prior to completion of a work assignment, giving them a convenient opportunity to immediately take on a new work opportunity.


Employer prefers to work with staffing agencies that deploy cutting edge technology to recruit and retain loyal talent. Key benefits include faster time to fill, more reliable talent, and traceability from initial sale to final invoice.

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