Case Studies

Personnel Resources Case Study

Comprehensive Review of Staffing Software: Avionté Remains the Best Partner and Most Comprehensive End-to-End Solution.

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Thriving in a Remote Work Environment

While no one could have predicted the impact COVID-19 would have on the workplace in 2020, David Aplin Group was able to quickly transition their workforce to a remote setting with the proper technologies already in place.

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Streamlined Processes and Positioned for Growth

Trading in their outdated and manual processes allowed Integrity to reduce paper and postage by nearly 100 percent for payroll, W-2s and invoicing. They were immediately able to save over $130,000 per year in labor costs associated with these tasks.

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TriStarr’s Struggle with Time Card Processes Solved with Avionté

Avionté helped solve TriStarr’s time cards processes with a solution allowing the employee to fill out and submit a time card, get supervisor approval and have it automatically come into their system to process payroll.

IS2 Positioned for Growth and a Competitive Edge with Avionté

They’re not just providing a simple tool, but really a service. Partnering with Avionté seven years ago was the start of a great growth trajectory for us and allowing us to compete with organizations of all sizes. That’s why we’re still partnering today.

Integrity’s Life Made Easier with Avionté’s Time-Saving Features

The amount of time that Integrity has saved by using Avionté Staffing Software on a daily and weekly basis has been amazing and Avionté has been there to support them every step of the way.

Creating a Positive Candidate Experience with Avionté

Finding the right candidates is always a big challenge. With Avionté, they see us a firm that is current and relevant to today’s times.

Avionté Has Helped Our Recruiters Save Time

Recruiters love Avionté, it lowers their stress and frustration levels. It’s all one nice package, allowing more working hours in the day.


Improved Revenue and Client Satisfaction with Avionté’s Mobile Application and Job Boards

Penmac saw a 33% increase in mobile applicants after implementing Avionté’s mobile-friendly Job Boards and Applications. With this increase, they were able to improve client satisfaction and revenue by keeping up with modern-day staffing trends.