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Shiftfillers’ Tech-Driven Approach Sparks Remarkable 250% Revenue Growth in Just One Year


In today’s evolving job market, employment dynamics are experiencing a profound shift. Technology is revolutionizing all facets of our lives, including the way we work. Introducing Shiftfillers, a creation of tech visionaries and staffing industry professionals who embarked on a mission to transform employment by harnessing the power of cutting-edge automation, mobile staffing technology, and robust recruiting software to create an exceptional experience for job seekers. Their goal was simple: swiftly connect talented individuals with available jobs in less time and with less friction.

In April 2021, Shiftfillers introduced an advanced mobile staffing platform seamlessly connected to a robust front- and back-office applicant tracking system (ATS) powered by Avionté. By doing so, they developed a superior staffing experience that benefits both their recruiters and candidates alike. And the outcome of these efforts was truly remarkable!

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Within the first year after launch, their revenue hit $14 million! And this remarkable growth extended into 2022, resulting in a staggering 250% revenue increase in just a single year, ultimately leading to another major milestone: their acquisition by global recruiting firm, Raise, in July 2023.

Discover the remarkable journey taken by this pioneering, tech-forward company, and how their deliberate emphasis on leading with technology and innovation, as opposed to conventional brick-and-mortar methods, drove rapid expansion by establishing an exceptional mobile-first candidate experience.

Embracing Mobile-First Digital Transformation

We live in a highly connected digital age. A significant 76% of consumers favor brands with mobile apps, and job seekers now expect a seamless online employment experience. The fastest-growing agencies understand this well. Among these high-growth businesses, 60% are early tech adopters, and 59% credit technology for their competitive advantage.

Shiftfillers, a company specializing in light industrial work, specifically in warehousing and distribution, recognized this digital shift and took a bold step forward. During the height of the pandemic, they set themselves up to quickly scale by establishing a groundbreaking mobile staffing experience that simplified operations and engaged employees where they’re most active – on their smartphones. Today, with technology at the core of their operations, Shiftfillers serves as a prime example of how embracing digital transformation and a mobile-forward approach can lead to extraordinary growth in the staffing industry.

“From the outset, we knew we wanted to be a very tech-enabled company. We began Shiftfillers by asking ourselves: how can we make staffing easier for everyone? And our answer was technology. That meant we needed a really good mobile experience and an even better tech stack.”

Dan MastropoloChief Vision Officer, Shiftfillers

Fueling Explosive Growth Through Tech Stack Optimization

In addition to being mobile led, Shiftfillers embarked on a journey to supercharge their growth by leveraging a robust and highly optimized tech stack that revolutionized their staffing and recruitment processes. From the outset, they recognized the need to eliminate manual tasks prevalent in the staffing industry, prioritizing automation through mobile technology to achieve swift, early successes.

Also critical to their strategy was the integration of powerful analytics, which enabled them to make informed, data-driven decisions to propel their growth. By merging their mobile technology with Avionté’s complete suite of staffing and recruitment solutions, they gained access to the comprehensive business intelligence and mobile-first capabilities that Shiftfillers needed to thrive.

They additionally quickly expanded their tech ecosystem by seamlessly integrating their technology with Avionté’s best-in-breed, third-party partner solutions, enhancing efficiency and attracting a larger pool of engaged talent.

By leveraging Avionté’s highly scalable, SOC2 Type II Certified, cloud-driven software solutions, Shiftfillers was able to become market-ready fast for enterprise clients, which strongly contributed to a 250% growth over the last year. Thus, Avionté’s leading mobile staffing solutions integrated with their comprehensive ATS software emerged as a crucial factor in driving Shiftfillers’ extraordinary growth.

And what was the result of all these efforts? A significant improvement in employee engagement and reliability.

Results at a Glance:

Avg. Time on Assignment


Fill-Rate for Multiple Clients


Avg. Time to Hire


“Having Avionté as a trusted partner for us was absolutely critical,” said Dan. “Between their core system and their partnerships, we’ve been able to scale one of the fastest growing staffing companies in the LI space in North America. We went 0-14 million in just 2 years and we’re on pace for 35 million this year!”

Unlocking the Future of Staffing: Shiftfillers’ Tech-Driven Revolution and Strategic Partnership Success

Shiftfillers’ remarkable journey highlights the transformative power of technology and innovation in the staffing industry. Recognizing the digital shift in employment, they embraced a mobile-first approach, disrupting traditional staffing methods to meet current job seeker expectations. Through strategic tech stack optimization and industry-leading software solutions, they streamlined operations and improved the candidate experience, resulting in an astounding revenue growth and an acquisition by Raise. Their success also underscores the importance of partnering with the right solutions vendor who can help you navigate the changing staffing and recruitment landscape, enabling rapid business growth.

“We believe people and technology work best together,” said Dan. “I look at Avionté no differently than as my true partner in business. They’re absolutely on the leading edge of innovation.”

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