Empowering Your Business with Avionté+: Navigating Embedded vs. Simple API Integrations for Optimal Growth

This Post is Part 2 of the Avionté+ API Series

You may have come across terms such as open API or embedded versus simple integration, but what do they mean and how does it impact your business? Often, terms like these can make API integrations seem daunting. But let’s simplify it. It’s all about how you want your data to flow between your system and the partner platform. Understanding this is pivotal in making the right choice for your business.

Embedded Integrations

Embedded integrations seamlessly merge technologies within Avionté by integrating them directly into the user interface and workflow of the core staffing platform. When done properly, embedded integrations are a game-changer! They consistently provide a top-notch user experience by seamlessly incorporating other technologies into the Avionté system. This means the integration is built directly into the software, eliminating the need to switch between platforms. You can handle everything within the staffing platform, erasing the swivel chair effect, reducing the need to learn multiple systems, and ultimately improving efficiency while minimizing errors and compliance risks – all of which directly affect your bottom line!

API Integrations

But not all integrations need to be embedded. Sometimes, you just need data to flow seamlessly from one system into the other or vice versa – what some individuals would term a simple data feed. Case in point: One client often needed to coordinate on-site drug screenings before placing talent, requiring a more seamless process and a quick data exchange between a 3rd party drug screening mobile app and their ATS. Unfortunately, no matter how robust your ATS, drug screening operations are not typically part of the system.

That’s where our Avionté+ certified integration process came in to solve this customer’s particular need. If your company has unique requirements, or you’re seeking special capabilities or technologies crucial for your business to create value that sets your agency apart, then our certified integration program is tailor-made for you. This open API program empowers customers to customize their tech stack freely by seamlessly integrating 3rd party software that isn’t part of the must-have categories already embedded.

By using this 3rd party app, this customer could seamlessly scan the cup to catalogue results directly in AviontéBOLD, confirming the sample swiftly. This streamlined the onsite process, accelerating the process and enhancing the agency’s competitiveness with both talent and clients. Even better – what began as a single customer’s request has now become a widely embraced certified integration, benefiting multiple staffing firms.

Another large enterprise client’s sales team leveraged an additional CRM that was not integrated with Avionté. This lack of integration resulted in significant issues, as data from that CRM had to be manually re-entered into the ATS, leading to delays in the placement process. But with a simple integration, upon closing a deal, the information seamlessly appeared in AviontéBOLD for recruiters, eliminating manual data entry and drastically expediting placement times. Typically, the manual re-keying of this data can create up to a two-day delay, but customers leveraging this API integration were able to shave a day or more off the placement process simply by bypassing manual steps required to transfer data from the external CRM to the recruiters’ ATS.

Next Steps

So, regardless of whether it’s a simple or embedded integration, our Avionté+ program prioritizes data accuracy, security, and automation to ensure that your integrations function properly and as expected. Explore our video to delve deeper into your integration possibilities. And if you’re ready to integrate a third-party software you already have, reach out to your Avionté account manager today to begin the process!

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