5 Ways to Enhance Your Onboarding Technology with Avionté+

For staffing, onboarding has arguably become the single largest chokehold in the talent funnel, with less than 50% of found talent ever completing the process, and of those that do, only 60% showing up for the first day of work. Most staffing firms have come to see onboarding as a necessary evil, but it’s also ranked as among the top 5 most critical processes for staffing. Hence, it needs to be done right!

Forward-thinking leaders are using staffing platform technology to increase talent loyalty and enhance their agency’s brand by delivering a better, more engaging onboarding experience for both candidates and recruiters. After all, in a war for limited talent, the agency that provides the best employment experience will be the one able to attract and retain the most candidates.

By investing in the right onboarding solution to improve workflow efficiency and compliance, you’re already taking the proper steps to earn your business a competitive edge.

Onboarding integrations for staffing

Seamless Talent Onboarding for Staffing Firms

Case in point: With Avionté 24/7 ONBOARDING, talent can review documents, provide attestations, and e-sign all necessary documents directly from their mobile device to attract a larger pool of candidates who are willing and able to complete the process – and faster. You can also use our tool to easily configure workflows that can be adapted to meet specific client needs or organize the whole process into distinct and separate stages so your recruiters can speedily place qualified candidates when the right opportunity comes along.

But, even with the best onboarding software at your fingertips, you may ask yourself: did you address everything? Are you considering other standard, but essential, workflow operations that even the most powerful onboarding tools do not or cannot deliver as part of their solution?

Luckily, our Avionté+ program has got your covered! Using our open APIs, Avionte+ enables rapid deployment and excellent integrations between Avionté and over 80 pre-integrated technology partners. This means you can easily complement our already robust onboarding software with pre-vetted, handpicked certified partnerships that enable you to integrate many common workflow operations into 24/7 ONBOARDING.

Certified API Integrations for Talent Onboarding

To illustrate, here are just a few of the most common operations that, with a flip of the switch, you can easily turn on in our onboarding solution for increased efficiency and profitability:

  • Background Screening

    According to the American Staffing Association, almost 90% of recruiting firms run background checks regularly on their candidates – and of those, it’s likely that more than half of their talent will need to be screened. If this process isn’t well integrated into your workflow, you’ll encounter inefficiencies that lower recruiter productivity and increase time-to-fill, while exposing your agency to potential cost overruns and compliance risk.

    To increase efficiency and compliance, Avionté+ bridges the gap between our end-to-end software platform, and our certified background screening integration partners. Using Avionté+ background screening integrations, with just a click of a button, your recruiters can send all necessary candidate profile information already stored in your ATS, plus consent, to the screening company so they can start their operations without delay. By letting the integration do all the work for you, you can simplify the process, optimize costs, and reduce the number of logins, all while maintaining one system of record to ensure compliance.

“We have benefited from the Avionté integration tremendously as our team has become more efficient when running background checks. The integration has saved our individual recruiters 5-10 minutes per background check run which has allowed them to focus more time on recruiting and revenue-generating activities.”

Nick Van ZileVP of North Operations, The Job Center

  • WOTC Survey

    Large amounts of paperwork, tedious recordkeeping, and lengthy time commitment make it difficult for agencies to take full advantage of this Federal tax credit program. So, if this process isn’t automated, you’re most likely leaving money on the table. With Avionté+ Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) integrations, the system automatically displays the survey and passes your new-hire data to our partners, who then finds the most tax credits available based on your location and jurisdiction.

    The best part is that this process is virtually invisible to your staffing firm and talent and there’s no upfront cost to you. All our certified WOTC partners work on a success fee, meaning they share in a portion of the tax credits they find for you.

“Because the survey is seamlessly embedded in the application AND it takes only seconds to complete, we have seen a substantial increase in our eligibility rate!”

Hailey FernandezVP of Corporate Services, Effex Management Solutions

  • Health Insurance

    In this highly competitive and talent-driven market, employees have far more options for work. Therefore, staffing agencies need to find ways to make temporary work more palatable as a long-term career option. When you’ve found qualified talent that is ready for placement, there’s always the possibility that these employees may wish to explore longer-term employment options that make them eligible for health insurance benefits.

    Avionté+ allows your candidates to fill out their health insurance application easily through their mobile phones early during the onboarding process. We then send the data to our certified partner so minimal essential care (MEC) or an indemnity plan can start automatically as soon as the employee is eligible. By automating the health insurance process, you can remove unnecessary steps for your recruiters and make your agency more attractive to employees who desire longer term assignments.

  • Certifications

    If you’re in healthcare staffing, consider integrating with our credential data validation providers that can make the verification process that much faster and easier. By automating your certification process, your applicant’s data can be sent over to the verifier as soon as the manager clicks the button. By doing this, you can immediately ensure the applicant data matches the information in the credentialing system. The status will return to BOLD right away with no additional steps.

    And, with enhanced tracking and reporting features, our certification integration allows you to store all licensing expiration dates on file so your recruiters can know sooner when a candidate needs to be re-certified. This will help with compliance and allow your recruiters to move the re-verification process along earlier to speed placement when ready.

  • Assessments

    Whether it’s a typing test or a warehouse picker evaluation, about 20% of all staffing agencies must have their employees undergo various assessments on a regular basis to meet a client’s particular hiring requirements.

    By integrating these specific exams or questionnaires into your workflow, you can move potential candidates more efficiently through all work validation steps to ensure they meet your clients’ unique specifications. And, by having this data on file, you can rapidly redeploy candidates to similar jobs that have the same work placement prerequisites.

API integrations for staffing software

As recruitment firms are looking at technology to improve the candidate and recruiter experience, onboarding remains especially top of mind. But even the best onboarding solutions don’t cover everything!

Therefore, when looking for the right tool for your business, it’s important to ask if your staffing software provider allows you to embed other common workflow operations into your onboarding product to create a true end-to-end process that improves recruiter efficiency, speeds placement, and improves your agency’s bottom line.

Avionté 24/7 ONBOARDING offers a fully configurable, modular, seamless onboarding experience that can be managed directly from your candidates’ smartphones. And the Avionté+ open API program lets you add additional functionality to expand your system and enhance your onboarding process, thereby delivering the most comprehensive and robust onboarding tool on the market today.

Imagine that, with just a flip of a switch, you can boost your productivity, speed up placement, and drive profitability by simply integrating any of these 5 common workflow operations into your onboarding process – all of which will save time, earn revenue, and give your agency a much-needed competitive edge.

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