How Avionté+ Provides Clients with a
Path to Drive Winning Outcomes

Avionté+ certified integration program

A great renovation can add tremendous value to your home. But choose the wrong contractor and you might be disappointed. Poor construction can damage your residence and even lower its market value. With that in mind, most homeowners select their contractors carefully. They ask questions and check references. Are they licensed? Do they have good reviews and third-party certifications? To ensure you’ll get the right outcome, you need proven expertise and professionalism. 

The same considerations hold true for staffing agencies when choosing to adopt value-added technologies and services. Think about it. You’ve poured your time, passion, and energy into ensuring that your business is successful. You’re always looking for an edge. There are many solution vendors out there who promise they can transform your business, but how can you verify that their technology will truly perform the way it promises?  

You may believe that you have found the one groundbreaking point solution that will boost your productivity and profitability—setting you apart from the competition—but it pays to do your homework. Investment in the wrong technology can be a costly mistake that damages your business.  

“The staffing companies that thrive in this new environment will combine a best-in-class consumer experience with value-added services that drive talent engagement and loyalty. Avionté+ is a competitive advantage staffing firms can use to future-proof their business.” 

Rishabh MehrotraCEO, Avionté

To ensure that our customers have access to best-in-class technology without compromising security and reliability, Avionté launched the Avionté+ platform, which allows for the smooth integration of certified 3rd party technology solutions. With 80+ pre-configured, pre-tested interfaces, Avionté+ supports rapid deployments of easy client plugins for an excellent fit to the AviontéBOLD platform. And, with added investment in its open API system, Avionté has greatly expanded the number of plugins into BOLD, allowing customers to run even more operations through its platform than ever before.  

The Avionté+ program takes potential technology partners through a certification process to ensure they supply significant value, improved workflows, data security, integration documentation, and the throughput needed for best-in-class staffing operations. 

“With Avionté+, you can quickly stand-up partnerships for main workflow functions, use certified integrations to deploy point solutions, or implement your own connections using an easy and efficient process where everything can be automated between systems, helping you to configure your own tech stack. The Avionté+ certified program ensures you know how the technology will work together ahead of making the purchase. So, with a lack of reviews, don’t take a salesperson’s word for it; you can look for our certified stamp of approval.” 

Scott Poeschl
VP of Partnerships, Avionté

The Avionté+ certified integration program empowers agencies to safely combine modular applications to deliver a scalable, world-class staffing solution tailored to your agency’s needs. 

So how does the program work? First, clients can check to see if the solution already has the Avionté certified seal of approval. If you don’t see our certified logo, then you know that the technology has not yet been approved.

Avionté+ certified integration program logo

We try to keep things simple. All that you need to do is direct the vendor to Avionté’s application form. Once the solutions application has been approved, Avionté supplies the vendor with a unique key that allows them to connect directly to the BOLD platform through its open API system.  

From there, the solution writes the integration into Avionté’s open API’s and secures the necessary certification. The provider can now present your agency with pre-approved documentation from Avionté, along with our certified logo, that will let you know in detail how their solution works with ours. 

With Avionté+ certified integration, agencies can now talk to third party vendors with peace of mind knowing they’re investing in a scalable and reliable solution. Not to mention, the agency will have a thorough understanding of how the integration will perform before signing a contract. 

And, with all point solutions running their operations through AviontéBOLD, clients can enjoy the benefits of these value-added solutions without leaving their staffing software. No matter what configuration you use, Avionté’s single system of record ensures data integrity, security, and consistent management reporting across all applications, while also maintaining a seamless user interface.  

“It’s not a Frankenstack where you’re stitching things together, you don’t know what you’re getting, and you’re figuring out how to integrate it after you’ve already made the purchase. With certified integrations, you will get a streamlined tech stack that you know is going to work before you sign the contract. Ultimately, this is going to make you a more efficient firm so you can serve your customers better.” 

Scott Poeschl
VP of Partnerships, Avionté 

The Avionté+ certified integration program gives you the flexibility and power to build a best-in-class tech stack to outflank your competition with the confidence and assurance that you will achieve your intended outcomes. 

If you’re an Avionté+ client and have a 3rd party vendor you would like to certify, please send them to the Avionté+ Certified Integration Application to start the pre-vetting process. And follow future blogs as we explore companies who have experienced winning outcomes using Avionté+ to successfully augment their total talent solution. 

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