Have You Chosen the Right Staffing Technology and Software Provider? 5 Critical Questions for Ensuring Business Growth

Is your staffing and recruiting software provider investing in YOUR future or protecting its own? Is it making the right investments to guarantee your future success?  If you can’t confidently answer these questions, you may be putting your agency at risk!  

Staffing software and mobile applications for staffing are advancing at an unprecedented rate. In the race for future success, you should be partnering with a team that offers the most innovative and secure staffing solutions and mobile talent engagement platforms to help your business thrive.  

Ask Yourself These 5 Critical Questions to Ensure You’re Working with the Right Solutions Partner

1. Who’s in charge of the company – and your future?  

Take a good look at the individuals you’re trusting with your business. Do they have the depth of experience required to ensure your future success?   

To truly evaluate a potential solutions partner, you need to dig deeper. Take a good look at the individuals you’re trusting with your business. Do they possess the necessary experience to deliver genuine success, or do they lack the essential expertise required to lead? 

5 Critical Questions for Staffing Software Provider

True leaders understand the needs and challenges of one’s customers and are able to present a clear vision for success that’s backed up with concrete plans for near- and far-reaching innovation. They’re also committed to hiring only the best people who are equipped to meet the unique challenges and lightning-fast demands of their industry.   

The best solutions vendor should be comprised of proven growth drivers with decades of experience overseeing multiple technology-enabled businesses. They must have a track record of driving innovative solutions to market, and they should be relentless in their efforts to update their products and services to stay ahead of the curve. If they can’t deliver complete solutions that are able to keep up with growing industry demands, you could be putting your agency at risk.  

2. Is your solutions vendor serious about data security?  

If you’re not running on a secure, high-availability platform, you can experience data breaches or power outages that harm your brand, lead to fines and penalties, and hurt your most valuable client relationships.   

To minimize the risk of catastrophic data disclosure or loss, you must ask your software solution vendor the tough questions:  

Do they run on the most secure, high-availability platforms? Have they undergone a comprehensive series of external audits to assess the controls that are in place, from organizational structure to personnel management practices and technologies used? 

The stakes are high, and you can’t afford to take chances with your agency’s future. That’s why you need to partner with a cloud-based staffing software vendor that delivers the highest standards of security, privacy, and availability. 

3. Does their product development strategy align with market demands?  

Failing to keep up with the latest software trends and advancements can spell disaster for your business. That’s why it’s essential to partner with a solutions vendor that is committed to investing in research and development and dedicated to continuous innovation.  

product development strategy align with market demands

Ask if your vendor can offer a future roadmap that evolves to meet your changing needs and the ever-shifting demands of the market, as well as clear plans for what you might see in the very near future. Is your software provider innovating fast enough to protect your future? Is their strategy clearly communicated to their clients? What solutions have they released that demonstrate their commitment to making you the market leader?  

To stay ahead, you need to partner with a provider who relentlessly invests in cutting-edge solutions, including AI and mobile talent engagement platforms. Only then can you ensure that you’re getting the optimal performance and functionality needed to thrive in an ever-evolving industry. 

4. Does their business intelligence solution deliver?

To succeed, data is everything! Business intelligence plays a pivotal role in running a staffing business efficiently and effectively.   

Does your current provider have the latest and most robust BI (Business Intelligence) technology? Are you getting a BI tool that lets you create custom reports tailored to your unique needs – WITHOUT incurring extra development time or expenses?   

Avionté INSIGHTS Screenshot

You need a vendor that offers comprehensive BI tools that allow you to drill down on all the necessary information so you can easily measure recruiter productivity, uncover opportunities for operational improvement, and gain valuable insights about your candidates and clients. 

If your vendor is not committed to staying on the forefront of BI technology, then your agency will be left lacking the tools that will unlock the full potential of your data – a risk your business just can’t afford!   

5. How robust are their API and third-party integrations?  

Staffing firms need more than just a core platform to succeed in today’s competitive market. They require a robust arsenal of tools to streamline their processes and deliver a superior candidate experience.   

That’s why powerful integrations with other platforms are critical for success, helping you to simplify processes and data sharing, reduce redundancy, and save your recruiters time and effort. To level up your capabilities, you’ll need seamless integrations that can optimize your existing tasks, such as background checks, for greater efficiency. In addition, these integrations should improve your candidate experience with more efficient communications and streamlined onboarding.  

Is your software vendor investing in a robust data exchange infrastructure of APIs? Are the integrations deeply embedded or do they require access to multiple systems to get desired results? And do they keep these integrations up to date with the latest versions?  

If not, it’s time to consider a new solutions vendor. The right partner will be dedicated to delivering the ultimate experience for candidates and recruiters through seamless integration with best-in-class, 3rd party solutions. And they’ll be committed to regularly updating and maintaining these integrations to ensure peak performance.  


To ensure that your partner’s priorities align with your own, you need to ask these 5 critical questions. If the answers to any of these questions are no, that’s a serious red flag! Don’t wait until it’s too late – take a proactive approach and make sure that your technology provider is committed to building a future that will support you for years to come.    

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