Introducing JobSplice – Optimize Job Board Spend with Programmatic Job Advertising

Let’s talk job postings – an integral part of the staffing and recruitment workflow and as old as the name implies. In the past, if a business had an opening, they would simply tack a sign to their storefront, or within a public space, to let everyone know that they were hiring. Today, modern technology has digitized almost the entire recruitment and hiring experience, and job boards such as Indeed and Monster have made it easy for staffing companies to post open jobs online and solicit applications.

The evolution of job postings from physical signs to digital platforms has revolutionized the way in which companies attract talent. Businesses can now instantly reach a wider audience with just a click of a button. Job seekers, on the other hand, can easily search for opportunities and apply to multiple positions with ease.

Although the digitization of job postings has undoubtedly made the job market more accessible and efficient, it’s also made it more competitive, as other agencies are also hunting for the same talent using the same sites. And, in many cases, your agency is also competing with the job boards themselves to reach qualified candidates.

Thus, in this new age, staffing agencies have a tough time standing out from their competitors to engage with a larger pool of skilled talent – especially during a time when the competition for qualified applicants is at an all-time high. In this highly competitive market, where there are more open jobs than there are skilled candidates to fill them, it’s become essential to find ways to do this work both faster and smarter!

Introducing JobSplice

What Is Programmatic Job Advertising and How Does it Work?

Using proprietary technology, JobSplice buys, places, and optimizes job postings to attract talent. With JobSplice, agencies can get their job in front of the right talent quickly for the right spend. JobSplice uniquely promotes individual jobs programmatically while also delivering Google and Social Media ads.

And through our Avionté+ program, which bridges the gap between AviontéBOLD, our end-to-end software platform, and our pre-vetted certified partners, Avionté clients can now seamlessly integrate their main applicant tracking system with this powerful job sourcing tool. As a result of this partnership, Avionté’s clients will be able to attract more candidates, improve recruiter productivity, and drive revenue growth!

Save Time and Money on Job Boards

Imagine, with a simple click from BOLD, you can automatically enter the JobSplice integration tool and all the job posting information is already pre-loaded into the tool from BOLD. This helps your recruiters avoid any annoying and unnecessary re-keying of data, or even having to switch to multiple apps or platforms to push out jobs. Then, using its intuitive interface, you choose the date and your desired spend – and you’re done. 

Once the correct amount for each job has been reached, the platform removes the job posting, avoiding any accidental budget over-runs without added manual work by your recruiters. This ensures your recruiters can quickly and easily promote their jobs by having all this functionality at their fingertips while removing unnecessary friction.

And, because JobSplice hosts all the relationships with the major job boards, you can promote your jobs WITHOUT the need for multiple contracts and logins.

As Scott Poeschl, VP of Avionté+ explains:

“Why should you pay attention? You’re trying to control your budget. You’re trying to evaluate your performance. You don’t just need MORE talent; you need more QUALIFIED talent. This is not different than what you’re already doing; it’s just a better way of doing it!”

In this highly competitive job market, agencies need to find the best strategies for attracting a larger pool of qualified talent so they can fill jobs faster and gain a much-needed competitive advantage. This often requires staffing leaders to review current processes to see where their business can use technology to help their recruiters work faster and smarter.

You’re already doing the work. Why not do it better? JobSplice offers all the tracking and functionality to help your recruiters post jobs quicker, more strategically, and remain within budget. Best part: as an AviontéBOLD user, with just the flick of a switch, you can easily integrate JobSplice into BOLD to enjoy all the benefits this integration has to offer at no additional cost to your business!

Interested in Learning More?

If you’re a current Avionté customer, please contact your account manager for more information. You can also request a demo.

You can also watch our recent webinar to hear from JobSplice CEO, Kelly Robinson, to learn more about this exciting, certified partnership and receive a product demo!

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