Avionté 24/7 MOBILE JOB BOARD: A New Channel to Recruit Talent

Avionté has already launched several modules for its 24/7 MOBILE Talent Platform, including 24/7 WORK, 24/7 ONBOARDING, and 24/7 PAY, as well as Avionté PIXEL, an AI powered talent engagement tool.

With the launch of the 24/7 MOBILE JOB BOARD, our newest addition to the 24/7 MOBILE suite, many of our customers have questions. Why is the MOBILE JOB BOARD an important addition to the 24/7 MOBILE Suite? How does the MOBILE JOB BOARD work, and when would an agency want to use it? Let’s take a closer look.

The 24/7 MOBILE JOB BOARD module offers advanced capabilities for Avionté customers who currently use or are contemplating the use of a custom-branded version of the 24/7 MOBILE platform. In effect, the MOBILE JOB BOARD transforms your staffing agency’s custom-branded app into a powerful recruiting tool.


Imagine every open position in AviontéBOLD that you push out to websites and job boards will now also magically appear on your custom-branded mobile app. This means:

  • Any candidate who has your agency’s mobile app can now scroll through all posted job opportunities from the convenience of their smartphone.
  • They can search through all jobs and filter by location, pay range, title, and skills match.
  • They can apply on the spot for any job that interests them, and their application information is captured and stored in AviontéBOLD.

At this point, a tough-minded staffing executive might ask why you need a mobile app to post jobs when your staffing agency is already spending beaucoup dollars for marketing, job boards, and talent promotions on your website. The short answer: higher marketing impact at lower cost.  

When candidates apply through your agency’s mobile app rather than a job board, there are no additional fees. Better yet, your job listing does not appear next to related listings posted by competitors who serve the same clients you do. You control your advertising space, and you own the candidate’s information free of charge.    

Moreover, custom-branded mobile apps have major advantages over websites viewed on a mobile phone. Once talent downloads your mobile app, the probability that they will return later to view additional opportunities goes up by a factor of 10 compared with the equivalent website accessed through a mobile browser. Banks, online retailers, and travel agencies take advantage of the real estate on a consumer’s smart phone to find and keep customers. Job Boards like Indeed use their Mobile App to find and keep talent. Here is why:  

  • Stickiness: Mobile apps tend to be more “sticky” than mobile websites because they are downloaded directly to the user’s device and stay there, making it easier for users to access them again and again.
  • 24-Hour Convenience: Most of us carry our phones everywhere we go, and we check them continuously throughout the day from the moment we wake up until right before bed. And research shows that 90% of our viewing time is through mobile apps, rather than their website equivalent.
  • Consumer Expectations: Millennial and Gen Z talent have grown up with, and expect, the convenience of mobile technology, and they actively favor employers who use it to streamline the employment experience.
  • Workflow: Mobile apps can provide a more streamlined experience as they are designed to optimize specific workflows. And users can access them with just one tap, enhancing usability and convenience.
  • User Experience (UX): Mobile apps typically have a more fluid and immersive UX, since they can leverage device features, such as camera, accelerometer, and location, to provide a more personalized, interactive, and visually appealing experience.
  • Accessibility: Mobile apps can provide offline access to certain features and content, making it easier for users to stay engaged even without an internet connection.

Posting jobs on your own custom-branded mobile app doesn’t replace your existing marketing tools, but it offers a powerful alternative marketing channel for acquiring new talent. Staffing agencies can send their candidates links to their custom-branded mobile app through the App Store or Google Play or create a QR code for talent to scan. And, they can promote their app through multiple channels. Once a candidate clicks the appropriate links, they’ll be invited to download the staffing agency’s custom mobile app and start a job search. You can even promote your agency’s mobile app on a billboard.

No matter how you market to potential candidates, the real power of 24/7 MOBILE JOB BOARD comes when you combine it with other 24/7 applications like ONBOARDING and Avionté PIXEL. By doing this, you can automate key follow-up steps with candidates in real time. For example, when a candidate applies for a specific position at 10 PM at night, you can automatically send pre-screening questions to the candidate via chatbot, score their response, and schedule a live job interview for qualifying candidates the following morning. This can all take place while your staff is off work. The recruiter spends less time contacting candidates and more time focused on high-value interviews and conversations. The recruiter can then use the same technology to onboard a candidate remotely.

Here’s the bottom line: The 24/7 MOBILE JOB BOARD provides sophisticated technology that a staffing agency can use to differentiate themselves from other competitors. It makes it easier to find and attract new talent, deliver a better experience throughout the hiring process, and build talent loyalty. With effective marketing of your MOBILE JOB BOARD capabilities, you can also save substantial dollars on job board fees while responding faster to your clients’ needs.

The 24/7 MOBILE JOB BOARD will be available to all customers who purchase a custom-branded version of 24/7 mobile app with either 24/7 ONBOARDING or 24/7 WORK. Contact us to learn more.

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