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Background Screening Integrations

Staffing agencies are always looking for new strategies to drive profitability for their businesses. While there are many staffing software options for recruiting firms to consider, it’s important to remember the basics. As the adage goes: ‘Time is money.’ So, as you reflect on ways to increase productivity, consider reviewing your current workflow to see if there are core elements that lower productivity, create unnecessary manual work, add unwanted costs, and reduce speed-to-fill. 

Did you know that many of your most standard workflow operations can be automated, saving your agency valuable time and money? With significant investment in its open API system, Avionté launched Avionté+, a program which enables rapid deployment and excellent integrations between Avionté and over 80 pre-integrated technology partners. The best part is, automating through this platform is free if you’re an Avionté customer, gaining you all the productivity, cost savings, and compliance the service has to offer. 

“We have greatly benefited from the Avionté+ ATS integration program as our team has become more efficient when running background checks. The integration has saved our recruiters 5-10 minutes per background screening which has allowed them to focus more time on revenue generating activities.”

Nick Van ZileVP of North Operations, The Job Center

Case in point: according to the American Staffing Association, almost 90% of recruiting firms run background checks on their candidates – and of those, it’s likely that more than half of their talent will need to be screened. If this process isn’t well integrated into your workflow, you’ll encounter inefficiencies that lower recruiter productivity and increase time-to-fill, while exposing your agency to potential cost overruns and compliance risk.  

That’s why having the right background screening provider integrated within your system of record can save your business valuable time and resources when making placements. Avionté+ provides a solution to bridge the gap between BOLD and CLASSIC, our end-to-end software platform, and our pre-vetted certified background screening integration partners for increased efficiency and compliance.  

Save Time with Background Screening Integrations
By using Aviont+ background screening integration partners, you can manage your entire workflow from within Avionté, reducing your number of logins and maintaining one system of record.

Background Screening with Disjointed Tech Stack

Let’s review the background screening process when it isn’t integrated with your ATS. 

Recruiters have to first research if a candidate needs a background screen, what types are required for the job, and the time frame these screens should be recorded. Once they’ve established what background checks are necessary, the recruiter must navigate to a separate background screening  platform to enter basic details. To get the process started, the candidate then needs to fill out the rest of their personal information, either on paper or via a link sent directly to their email. 

And, since the information is only recorded in the background screening software, your recruiter is most likely manually checking the platform multiple times a day to see if the results have come through. Moreover, each background screen requires the same repeated process. Consequently, if your candidate must complete several screenings, they’ll have to fill out the same information multiple times. 

All these manual efforts on the part of your recruiter and talent cause unnecessary friction and slow onboarding time. It also creates more chances for human error, such as conducting incorrect screenings, giving the wrong consent forms, or letting background checks expire. And you may be incurring unnecessary fees due to redundant or incorrect screenings being performed. Additionally, since the data is stored in a second system, it can be difficult to track all information to ensure your agency is compliant while optimizing costs. 

Background Screening with Avionté+

By using Avionté+ to integrate your background checks into your main ATS, you can create a more streamlined process with less chance for human error, compliancy issues, or cost overruns as all background screening data is now managed and captured within BOLD and CLASSIC. 

Once the background screening provider and ATS are integrated, recruiters simply set up job requirements in their workflow so the system knows if a background screening is needed, what type, and when. Then, with a click of a button, your recruiters can send all necessary candidate profile information already stored in your ATS, plus consent, to the screening company so they can start their process without delay. You can also make this a quick step to perform early in the application process for new talent so they’re ready to place when a job becomes available. 

And the advantages of using Avionté+ to integrate your background screenings are considerable! By having background screening set as part of the rules of workflow, you can manage all the tracking and administration from BOLD to: 

  • Increase productivity – Recruiters don’t have to research if the job requires a background screening or babysit candidates to ensure they get the link and fill out the form. By decreasing the manual processing work, you’ll increase turnaround time for screenings, allowing your recruiters to place talent faster while having more time to focus on value-added work.  
  • Offer a smoother candidate experienceAs recruiters can easily provide a background screening provider with all necessary candidate information stored in the ATS, your talent only must give their information once. And, if you already have consent on file, you can perform all background screenings without needing to go back to your talent multiple times to fill out their information. 
  • Ensure better complianceBy setting up background screening requirements in your workflow, you can ensure your recruiters are sending the correct consent forms and submitting their candidates for all the right necessary screenings. The system can also track whether a candidate’s background check has expired. 
  • Improve tracking and transparency By having one source of truth for your background screening data, you can easily track and potentially bill any extra screening costs back to your client. In addition, you can reduce unnecessary fees associated with human error, such as submitting for the wrong screening or repeating screenings that a candidate has already taken.  

This especially holds true for redeployment efforts as you may not have to repeat screenings from client to client. In fact, since the background screening data is stored in Avionté, you can search for talent that has the right skills and a current background screening and redeploy them immediately!

In today’s volatile marketplace, agencies are now focused on building the most efficient workflow possible to win over talent who now have unlimited choices when it comes to finding work. Time is no longer on your recruiters’ side and reducing all steps between application and placement is crucial for keeping candidates engaged. Furthermore, wasting recruiters’ time on administrative tasks will prevent them from focusing on what they were hired to do building a pool of high quality, curated, and loyal talent. 

So, if you’re searching for a quick win in 2023, here’s some advice — consider automating your basic workflow operations, such as background screenings or WOTC, and discover how, in one simple step, you can set your agency up for success! With Avionté+, you can easily incorporate background checks into your ATS to improve productivity, speed placement, guard against compliance risk, track spending, and save costs. 

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If you’re a current Avionté customer, please contact your account manager or one of our trusted background screening partners for more information. You can also request a demo or visit the marketplace in your dashboard for more details. 

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