The Power of Avionté’s Certified Integration Program to Deliver Reliable Solutions and Tangible Business Results

This Post is Part 3 of the Avionté+ API Series

Integrations serve as the backbone of modern business operations, enabling the smooth transfer of data between platforms, thereby enhancing efficiency, and driving ROI. Avionté’s open API platform empowers our customers to integrate seamlessly with any third-party vendor, enabling them to differentiate their agency, optimize operations, and ensure success.

However, some may wonder: why does Avionté require a certified integration program if we already offer an open API capable of integrating with any 3rd party solution out there? The answer is simple: without clear rules of the road, chaos ensues. In an environment fraught with false promises and potential risks, you need a program that safeguards your interests, ensuring that you receive the expected value.

To meet this need, Avionté has launched its Certified Integration Program. This program guides potential technology partners through a certification process to ensure they deliver significant value, enhanced workflows, data security, comprehensive integration documentation, and the necessary throughput for top-notch staffing operations. Investing in the wrong technology can prove costly, making the importance of a certified integration program undeniable.

Why You Should Seek Certified Integration Partners

Consider these cautionary tales of a business trapped in agreements without proper insight into the integration.

  • One client, assured of compatibility with our platform, found themselves locked in a costly contract with a vendor unable to deliver the integration they said could be built. Their integration aspirations crumbled, left to scramble for alternatives and leaving them out of pocket with a hefty down payment wasted on a stagnant integration.
  • Another client suffered a significant loss in tax credits due to a promised integration that never materialized. This led to a $30,000 reduction per month in tax credit, underscoring the real-world financial implications when partnerships aren’t properly vetted.

These stories underscore the risks of unchecked partnerships. Without proper vetting, businesses can find themselves trapped in costly contracts or missing out on crucial opportunities.

Certified Integrations Offer Peace of Mind in a Sea of Uncertainty

Customers have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of seamless data flow. For instance, one company underwent a rebranding and marketing effort to attract new professional talent but struggled to convert marketing impressions and website interest into leads. By leveraging our certified integration program, the client successfully translated awareness, impressions and traffic into new client leads. They did so by using a certified integrator to help them track engagement metrics, allowing them to identify potential leads when individuals interacted with job posts or other content pieces, even pushing potential candidates to fill out specific forms if needed. This streamlined process not only generated new client leads but also attracted fresh talent applications, thus strengthening their employee pipeline, driving sales growth, and facilitating meaningful engagement with industry professionals.

Similarly, another customer streamlined their recruitment process by integrating their ATS with a talent sourcing company through our certified integration program. Previously, data resided in disjointed spreadsheets, hindering recruiters’ efficiency. With real-time integration, all recruiters accessed a unified database, resulting in a 16x increase in placement speed.

With a certified integration program, businesses gain peace of mind knowing that their investments are backed by rigorous standards and proven compatibility. Say goodbye to wasted resources and hello to a future of streamlined operations and tangible results.

Next Steps

Check out our video below with VP of Avionté+, Scott Poeschl, to learn more about the process and benefits of this program. And if you’re interested in pursuing a third-party integration with Avionté+, reach out to your account manager today!

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