No Developer, No Problem: Reaping the Benefits of Our Open API Without Extra Staff

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In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, success isn’t just about working hard—it’s about working smart. For staffing firms seeking growth without the burden and cost of expanding their workforce, integrating their ATS platform with a third-party solution through an Open API can be a transformative strategy that sets their agency apart. This strategic move not only boosts efficiencies but also maximizes business outcomes, giving your agency a competitive edge.

Reaping the Benefits of Our Open API Without Extra Staff

However, here’s the challenge: How can you ensure that your integration delivers as promised, especially when costly fees for underperforming integrations are out of the question? And what about the daunting task of building or managing these integrations without a dedicated developer on staff?

That’s where Avionté+ steps in. Our mission is simple: to help staffing clients connect with top-tier solutions that drive success—and our certified integration program lies at the core of this mission. But first, let’s dispel the myth that building a robust technology stack requires a large workforce. Through our open API, certified integration program, each third-party technology undergoes thorough vetting for scalability, security, and value. This ensures a seamless integration experience that delivers tangible results. And the best part? You don’t need to expand your team to make it happen!

Regardless of your firm’s size or resources, Avionté+ offers a clear path to unlocking the benefits of API integrations. By streamlining the integration process and eliminating the need for dedicated staff to manage it, we empower companies to focus on what truly matters: growth, revenue, and optimization.

Finding Staffing Success by Integrating an ATS with an Open API

Consider the case of a regional staffing company that embraced our program. They initially sought to integrate a programmatic job advertising platform to expand their talent pool. Within weeks, and without the need for additional or dedicated staff, they were able to integrate their desired 3rd party platform with their ATS through our API program, immediately reaping the benefits and effectiveness of integration. By seamlessly integrating this software with their ATS, their recruiters could efficiently access candidate information for quicker processing. This resulted in a 16x increase in their talent pool and nearly 40% growth in weekly revenue – all within months of the integration.

Encouraged by this success, they expanded their integration portfolio to include off-platform search tools for talent acquisition, an integration to HubSpot, and voice AI technology for streamlined candidate screening.

What sets Avionté’s Certified Integration Program apart is its ability to drive growth without the hassle of adding more tools or personnel. By offering a platform that inspires confidence in exploring new partnerships within Avionté’s ecosystem, companies can navigate a path toward sustainable expansion. Through this program, firms can unlock untapped potential, turning challenges into opportunities and propelling their businesses to new heights.

Next Steps

Ready to unlock the power of Avionté+? Watch our informational video below and secure your API subscription today by contacting your Avionté account manager. Your agency’s success story begins here! 

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