Optimizing Business Integration with Your Developer: Leveraging Avionté+ Open API Programs

This Post is Part 5 of the Avionté+ API Series

When you have an in-house developer, choosing a technology with the right API program is essential for ensuring they’re well-supported and can create the best possible integrations. It’s not just about having documentation; it’s about providing your developer with the tools and guidance they need to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness. The right 3rd party integration program will offer comprehensive support, including a true developer experience, which encompasses more than just a documentation page. It includes “recipes for success”—detailed guides designed to help developers achieve specific integration goals efficiently — as well as opportunities for expert consultation to fully understand user experiences and achieve seamless integration with your in-house systems. 

A robust developer experience involves offering resources that guide your developer through specific integration processes step-by-step. This can include detailed guides, best practices, and direct access to expert advice. Ensuring your developer has these resources allows them to troubleshoot effectively and optimize integrations. This level of support is crucial for creating smooth, efficient integrations that enhance your business operations. 

Take Avionté+ as an example. Avionté+ provides an exclusive developer site that goes far beyond a simple documentation page. It offers the above-mentioned “recipes for success,” and, for an additional fee, Avionté+ also provides opportunities for expert consultation and guidance. This service helps developers deeply understand user experiences and create the best possible integration with your in-house systems. 

To illustrate how Avionté+ can work with in-house developers to build an integration that sets your agency up for success, consider one client’s experience with outdated contact information in their Content Management System (CMS) used for billing and payroll. This led to incorrect communications and invoices being sent to the wrong addresses or not at all. By implementing a bi-directional integration between their CMS and AviontéBOLD, they ensured that contact information remained synchronized across both systems. This automation eliminated manual updates, reduced errors, and ensured accurate payroll processing. 

Another practical application that benefited a client involved updating rate cards en masse for numerous clients. One client had the daunting task of updating rate information for 1500 jobs, which previously took days to complete manually. With the integration, they could perform mass updates in minutes, drastically reducing recruiter workload and enhancing billing accuracy. The rates were updated promptly, ensuring invoices reflected the correct amounts, thereby saving time and minimizing rework. 

To explore how Avionté+ can solve your business problems and streamline your processes, contact your account manager today, or have your developer visit www.developer.Avionté.com and click the “Get Started” button. Additionally, hear directly from Scott Poeschl, Vice President of Avionté+, in our latest API video installment to learn more about how Avionté+ supports in-house developers to ensure your agency achieves true integration success. 

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