Expand Your Talent Pool: Transform Your Business with Avionté+ Open API Program

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At Avionté, we understand the hurdles agencies face in swiftly sourcing and placing talent all while avoiding errors and compliance pitfalls that could tarnish your reputation and impact your bottom line. Yet do you know that many of the business challenges agencies face today can be addressed by a seamless data flow between systems?  

Enter Avionté+: our groundbreaking open API program designed to revolutionize the way agencies operate. With Avionté+, data exchange between AviontéBOLD and other third-party technologies becomes effortless, replacing manual processes with streamlined automation to maximize productivity and minimize errors. 

But Avionté+ is far more than a mere data exchange platform. With its extensive network of over 80 partners and an open API system that allows you to integrate with any 3rd party functionality meeting our criteria for security, scalability, and intended results, this program offers a strategic solution tailored to address your specific business challenges. As an example, agencies struggle to find and engage candidates in a shrinking pool. Avionté+ changes the game by granting access to pre-certified third-party vendors who can help agencies broaden their talent networks rapidly and reliably. 

By harnessing these integrations, agencies can unearth hidden talent and engage with them effectively. Through automated nurturing processes, Avionté+ empowers agencies to integrate with tools that help them to build a pool of qualified candidates ready to fill roles on demand. This not only saves valuable recruiter time but also unlocks a pipeline of talent previously untapped by traditional methods. 

How an API Integration Can Boost Your ATS

Consider these real success stories: one agency, struggling to find top talent, used a third-party integration with AviontéBOLD to help them access a vast pool of high-quality but previously untapped talent. With the integration of this 3rd party into AviontéBOLD, the agency realized that 78% of all new traffic into their system resulted directly from this partnership.  

Another agency integrated with AI-enabled programmatic job advertising platform that allowed all new applicants to flow directly into their BOLD ATS for faster processing. With this integration, the agency saw their talent pool grow 16 times faster, boosting billable hours by nearly 40%! 

These success stories underscore the transformative impact of Avionté+’s integrations on agency operations. By seamlessly integrating with AviontéBOLD, agencies gain access to a wealth of new talent, driving significant increases in candidate traffic and billable hours. In essence, Avionté+ empowers agencies to overcome talent scarcity by seamlessly integrating with third-party solutions, enabling them to reach a broader pool of candidates in less time. With Avionté+ integration, agencies can secure more talent in less time, streamline workflows, reduce errors, and drive greater ROI. 

Next Steps

Ready to unlock the power of Avionté+? Watch our informational video below and secure your API subscription today by contacting your Avionté account manager. Your agency’s success story begins here! 

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