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Case Study

Enhancing Candidate Quality and Volume: The Success Story of Avionté’s Integration with Talroo


Established in 1994, Staff On Site has played a pivotal role in connecting its community with meaningful temp-to-hire or long-term job opportunities in the clerical and light industrial spaces. However, a competitive labor market was making it extremely challenging for the agency to find enough qualified candidates to fill job orders and meet client demands. Traditional job boards proved insufficient in generating the required volume and return on investment – and they knew they needed a better way to deliver quality candidates faster to fulfill their clients’ needs.  

Staff On Site Case Study

“We were desperate for talent, trying all the usual suspects like Indeed,” said Mike Loven, Owner at Staff On Site. “We even attempted to enhance our SEO, but we were hitting the same walls. Many of the major job boards are simply not meeting the needs of the marketplace, and there seemed to be no effective platform for us to attract talent.” 

In their quest to overcome this challenge, Staff On Site explored alternative methods to attract a higher volume of best-fit candidates. Yet a chance introduction to Talroo, a talent matching platform designed for sourcing essential and frontline workers, proved to be a game-changer.  

Talroo’s personalized approach to talent acquisition, seamlessly integrated into Staff On Site’s applicant tracking system (ATS), AviontéBOLD, significantly improved their ability to drive traffic. Within months, Talroo emerged as the primary source of talent for the agency, constituting around 78% of all new traffic and an almost 50% drop in cost per applicant.  

Explore how the collaboration between Avionté, a leading staffing software provider, and Talroo led to remarkable outcomes for Staff On Site. Facilitated by the Avionté integration program, this partnership helped the company increase traffic, lower conversion costs, and improve ROI.  

Navigating the Talent Drought: Staff On Site’s Challenge and the Unexpected Partnership that Turned the Tide

Talroo and Staff On Site’s partnership began with a chance encounter in an elevator at SIA Exec Forum, where Mike Loven connected with Talroo’s Director of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, Michael Novey. This unexpected meeting turned out to be quite fortuitous.  

Talroo, aptly named for their concept of “Talent Reaches Opportunity,” offered a service that proved invaluable to staffing agencies like Staff On Site, enabling them to discover a greater volume of high-quality talent for quicker and more efficient placements.  

“Staffing firms have been relying on the same job boards and platforms, such as Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and Monster, for the past 10 years. But these platforms only cover about 55% of the job search market, resulting in duplicate candidates, low intent, poor ROI, and abysmal conversion rates.

“Talroo helps give staffing firms access to the other 45% of the market, tapping into unique candidate pools to increase quality and give you control to make smarter decisions based on your budget and goals.” 

Michael NoveyDirector of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, Talroo

How Talroo’s Access to Unique Talent Pools Provided the Key Solution for Staff On Site’s Talent Acquisition Challenge

Talroo sets itself apart with a distinctive approach to job advertising and a dedicated talent matching marketplace. Unlike competitors that concentrate solely on job distribution, Talroo goes the extra mile by exerting hands-on control throughout the entire search process. Their dedication extends to talent matching, guaranteeing that the appropriate job seeker is linked with the right opportunity. They prioritize a human touch and personalized approach to achieve optimal results and connect with the most suitable candidates. 

Talroo and Staff On Site case study

When partnering with agencies, Talroo takes charge of building campaigns, setting budgets, and monitoring effectiveness, prioritizing quality over volume, and optimizing budget allocation for high-quality leads that turn into hires. 

Talroo emphasizes that they serve as a complement to, not a replacement for, existing job platforms like Indeed, leveraging underutilized channels such as text messages, SMS, alternative career sites, blogs, and social media. Their distinctive approach involves searching for qualified talent based on both job titles and historical activity. Talroo employs a metric-driven strategy, with dedicated professionals consistently measuring channel effectiveness, providing clients with visibility, and adjusting strategies based on data to maximize the value of every dollar spent.  

And since partnering with Staff On Site in April of 2023, Talroo has quickly established itself as, by far, the number one driver of traffic for their agency, surpassing the success of Indeed and other prominent job boards by a significant margin! 

How Talroo’s Strategic Integration with Avionté Helped Craft a Path to Continued Success

Talroo recognized the necessity of integrating with staffing agency ATSs to improve performance tracking. By integrating with top staffing platforms, they could collaborate more effectively with staffing agency clients, optimizing talent acquisition campaigns and creating a more streamlined experience for recruiters and candidates. 

“We can’t deliver quality candidates at-scale for our clients without a proven ATS to facilitate that partnership. Avionté was the obvious top choice for us from day one in the staffing world, and we could not be happier. Avionté’s impeccable reputation in staffing and familiar client-first approach instantly helped Talroo be recognized and validated with partners like Staff On Site.”

Michael NoveyDirector of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, Talroo

Fortunately for Mike, Staff On Site had been an Avionté client for over 12 years and was eager to integrate their ATS system with Talroo to better measure and optimize their success with this partner. The integration process was smooth, seamlessly incorporating Talroo with their AviontéBOLD system through the Avionté+ program. And the outcomes were impressive, as this integration enabled efficient tracking, empowering Talroo to measure and improve their strategies for optimal results. 

Presently, Talroo drives around 80% of the agency’s traffic, coupled with a significant $4 drop in the cost per lead—representing an almost 50% reduction in conversion fees within months! The click rate on job postings has also surged from approximately 9% to nearly 13%. 

Results at a Glance:




agency’s traffic driven by Talroo

Cost Per Lead



drop in cost per lead

Click Rate



increase in clicks on job postings

How the Talroo and Avionté+ Integration Propels Staff On Site in Driving Quality Talent

Talroo’s success for Staff On Site is propelled by the Avionté+ facilitated integration, giving Talroo the capability to track and adjust strategies based on invaluable data. Leveraging this capability, Talroo established itself as the primary talent supplier for the company. This achievement highlights the tangible impact of the strategic integration of Talroo using Avionté+, becoming a driving force behind Staff On Site’s continued success. 

Mike Loven acknowledges the transformative power of Avionté’s integration partners in enhancing an already robust staffing platform, creating remarkable opportunities for agencies to optimize their business for powerful results.  

“Whether you love technology or hate it, your business can’t survive without it. I’m a customer of Avionté because, frankly, they’re the best in the industry today. And their partnerships and integrations, including the one with Talroo, has helped our agency tremendously,” said Mike Loven. 

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