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Award Staffing, a nearly 35-year-old company, is a prominent recruitment agency with six locations in the Twin Cities metro area. Faced with the same talent challenges plaguing the entire industry, the firm was struggling to find enough qualified candidates to meet the demands of their larger clients. They also did not have the manpower to effectively expand their existing candidate pool. They knew they needed an outside solution to rapidly grow their talent database or risk missing out on opportunities to support their clients and poise their organization for future growth. That’s when they turned to the Avionté+ Certified Integration Program.  

This program helped Award Staffing integrate PandoLogic – an AI-enabled programmatic job advertising platform – with their main applicant tracking system, AviontéBOLD, to allow for the seamless and automatic transfer of any new applicants into their ATS. Learn how the Certified Integration Program helped the firm increase their available talent pool 16x over their standard recruitment process and its billable hours by almost 40%!

Award Staffing Pandologic case study

The Company

Since 1988, Award Staffing has served the Twin Cities with a mission to make people’s lives better by connecting them with meaningful work. The agency focuses on recruiting contingent workers for the light industrial industry. Supporting over 400 clients annually, the firm has connected over 110,000 individuals with purposeful jobs throughout the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metro area.

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The Challenge

As with many growing staffing firms, Award Staffing began taking on larger clients with greater recruitment needs. But as a regional firm, the company struggled to find enough workers to meet its commitments and fill client staffing demands.  

“At the beginning of 2022, we were struggling to find candidates, get interviews, make placements, and manage submittals. So, we were doing a lot of mining in our database, but we still needed to get new and fresh candidates into our system to fill client orders,” said Derek Freese, VP Of Sales and Marketing at Award Staffing.

Not having the employee resources to effectively manage their job board spend, they needed a tool to help them manage their job postings in such a way that they could reach more people, faster, and for less money. Using intuitive AI technology, PandoLogic optimizes job advertising campaigns to maximize recruitment results for better cost, volume, and quantity. In just the first three months, PandoLogic helped Award Staffing recruit 5000 new candidates, representing a 16x growth over previous standard results! 

But with the high influx of candidates received, the company faced yet another challenge. How do they transfer these individuals from PandoLogic into their ATS without a lot of manual effort? 

“With the sheer volume that we were seeing just from that first beta test, we knew we needed to find a better way to get these applicants into our system without manual entry. Beyond the wasted effort, manual entry leads to potential missed opportunities and mistakes.”

Dave HagaTechnical Support Specialist, Award Staffing

The Solution

Realizing that their company was now unable to keep up with a much larger flow of new talent coming in from PandoLogic, the firm contacted Avionté, their ATS system provider, and were introduced to the Avionté+ Certified Integration Program.   

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The Avionté+ Certified Integration Program takes potential technology companies through a certification process to ensure they supply significant value, improved workflows, data security, integration documentation, and the throughput needed for best-in-class staffing operations. Once the company is verified, Avionté then works closely with the vendor to ensure a smooth and easy integration with BOLD, the company’s main ATS. 

The Certified Integration Between PandoLogic and Avionté+ Leads to Big Client Results

By integrating with BOLD, Award Staffing was able to immediately reap the benefits of their integration with PandoLogic as new candidates were seamlessly entered into their talent database without any manual effort on the part of the recruiter. 

“It normally would take several minutes to manually enter just one applicant from PandoLogic into our system. Multiply that by hundreds if not thousands of new candidates, the integration of PandoLogic to BOLD meant that we were saving our recruiters hours if not weeks of time dealing with manual entry,” Dave Haga said.

Before the certified integration process, Award Staffing recruiters reviewed new candidates only once a week as there were so few being delivered onto their platform. But by linking the two technologies together, recruiters have been receiving so many new candidates in their Avionté system that they’re reviewing them daily. As a result, they’re able to fill jobs faster, match openings with more qualified talent, and meet the demands of larger clients.  

Results at a Glance:

Active Talent Pool


Weekly Billable Hours


New Candidates


“The partnership between Avionté and PandoLogic has been fantastic! It’s allowed our sales team to confidently pitch to high-volume clients knowing that we now have the tools and resources to target specific jobs and get the necessary traffic to fill large orders.”

Derek FreeseVP of Sales and Marketing, Award Staffing

As for PandoLogic, the Avionté+ Certified Integration Program is also a win. By integrating with all the major applicant tracking systems that most staffing clients use, companies like PandoLogic can ensure that their customers get the most out of their services. As one of the largest providers of ATS recruitment software throughout the U.S. and Canada, Avionté offered an ideal solution with its Certified Integration Program. 

“Avionté is obviously a top of the food chain ATS when it comes to the staffing and RPO space. So, when we had the opportunity to learn about the program, it was obvious that it was worthwhile to make the investment as it would help deliver an even stronger experience for our Avionté clients. And Avionté had an easy program. With some ATSs, it can take months to offer up an integration, but with Avionté, it took only a couple of weeks.”

Gregg MoranDirector of Partner Development at PandoLogic 

In addition, when you integrate your vendor’s services with AviontéBOLD, there’s only one source of truth for all your information, so you can review current strategies and improve them – a key factor for maximizing results.

As Gregg describes: “Integrity of the data flow is everything. The ATS provides a holistic view of applicant tracking and having that one source of truth is very important in ensuring that we are continuing to deliver for our clients.” 

Being able to track all applicants through their ATS also means that Award Staffing can quickly gather information that allows them to communicate better with their clients and create more impactful recruitment strategies. The firm can easily see what’s going well and what’s not and have targeted conversations with clients to improve their results. 


The Avionté+ Certified Integration Program offers a pathway to success for customers who are searching for any new point solution that will boost productivity and profitability. With Avionté+, clients gain the power to build a best-in-class tech stack to achieve intended business outcomes. 

For Award Staffing, the Avionté+ Certified Integration Program allowed their firm to pick the right solution partner to meet their top of funnel needs, change their workflow quickly, and create new and more effective habits for their recruiters.

This has led to a substantial increase in the agency’s bottom line, with an almost 40% growth in weekly revenue! The integration was so successful, in fact, that the firm now considers whether any future solutions vendor can integrate with BOLD before partnering with that company.” 

“We are always looking to make sure that who we partner with has the potential to integrate with Avionté. When we can integrate with Avionté and tie things together, we’ll be able to do more and have a better partnership,” David Haga said.

With the Avionté+ Certified Integration Program, Avionté customers can safely combine modular applications to deliver a scalable, world-class staffing solution tailored to their agency’s needs.  

If you’re an Avionté client and have a 3rd party vendor you would like to certify, please send them to the Avionté+ Certified Integration Application to start the pre-vetting process. You can also learn more about this program here. 

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