Personnel Resources

Case Study

The Company

Personnel Resources is a full-service staffing agency based in Dothan, Alabama. With an entrepreneurial ownership team and a strong focus on client service, the company has been putting people across the U.S. to work for nearly 35 years. While their business is predominantly in the light industrial space, they also provide clerical and administrative temp-to-hire assignments and direct placements.

Strategic Objective

After 9 years as an Avionté client, Personnel Resources felt it was time to re-evaluate their technology options. While the classic Avionté solution worked well, they were anxious to evaluate the latest advancements in ATS technology, talent outreach, and mobile communications. Talent shortages remain a significant challenge and Personnel Resources’ ability to find and place talent rapidly with their clients was a key competitive differentiator. To that end, they launched a comprehensive evaluation process to review over 20 separate software options to ensure they had the right long-term strategic technology partner

The Process

Personnel Resources approached their evaluation process with a list of software must-haves, including:

  • An ATS and CRM with mobile capabilities as well as mobile-friendly tools for talent and clients
  • The ability to manage the employment requirements of each client and document their hiring process.
  • Quick and efficient access to information about a candidate such as skills and past work experience that does not require excessive clicks or scrolling.

While the search process focused on finding the latest cutting-edge technologies for recruiting, sales and client management, these activities also needed to tie back to the time keeping, billing, accounts receivable, and payroll functions required to operate the business.

Personnel Resources conducted a methodical and thorough review of software solutions and subsequently hired a third-party consultant to confirm their analysis and identify best options. This careful process yielded some important insights.

As Mary Beth Maddox, the Senior Executive Vice President for Personnel Resources explained, “No software company checks every single box, but some vendors clearly work better for running a staffing company.”

  • While there are dozens of ATS software packages, most are not designed to handle high volume multi-client staffing operations.
  • Your ATS needs to help you rapidly find new candidates while simultaneously searching through the performance and work history of existing staff to find best fit staff for your clients.
  • Cobbling together separate ATS, vendor management, time keeping, billing, and payroll functions makes it difficult to establish a single system of record for staffing activities. Such a configuration is also hard to maintain or scale over time.
  • Across the entire staffing tech stack, one system needs to act as a primary system of record for all workflows, from managing talent and client employers, all the way through financials and payroll.
  • Out of a vast list of potential software solutions, Personnel Resources identified only four viable options.

The Result

After numerous presentations with each software vendor, Personnel Resources committed to continuing their partnership with Avionté. AviontéBOLD accommodated all their must-haves while also offering the experience, sustainability, and staffing expertise Personnel Resources desired in a software partner. Avionté’s powerful back office proved to be one of the ultimate decision points. The Personnel Resources team was confident in its accuracy and compliance, taking the fear and guesswork out of this important piece of their business.

“I believe in the team at Avionté. Our relationship has not been without hiccups. The true value of any partnership is when something goes wrong, how does the company respond? My experience with Avionté was, when something went wrong, they cared. The people there don’t just pass the buck. They try really, really hard to fix it.”

Mary Beth Maddox
Senior Executive Vice President, Personnel Resources
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