OmniSource Staffing

Case Study

The Company

OmniSource Staffing was a fast-growing, 14-branch staffing firm based in Lexington, Kentucky, and primarly focused on the light industrial automotive sector. By thinking innovatively and developing business solutions for its customers to create long-term loyalty, OmniSource continued to expand by following their clients as they pursued opportunities in new locations.

The Challenge

OmniSource Staffing processed over 140 candidates through the onboarding process weekly. The process included everything from applications, fighting SUTA claims, ACA , I-9 and E-Verify compliance. The process was far too manual – and far too expensive. The company was utilizing an in-house system and had three fulltime employees dedicated to compliance and tracking. They lacked efficiency and realized their processes simply were not sustainable if they wanted to continue growing at such a fast pace.

“While we believed our compliance was top-tier in our industry, it was taking far too much time and money to achieve our desired results,” said Bill Ehrmantraut, a Partner at OmniSource Staffing. “We really needed to find a way to gain efficiency in this area of our business, without compromising on results.”

OmniSource spent nearly a year in their search for a better solution: one that could bring greater efficiency and consistency and tremendously reduce the overall time spent on compliance. They were in need of a solution that could simplify and streamline their employee onboarding compliance processes. After implementing Avionté Staffing Software, their onboarding compliance processes improved substantially. They implemented eDocs, E-Verify and ACA and eSignatures.

“Avionté Software resolved a lot of our issues as well as helped us achieve significant efficiencies and cost reductions.”

Bill Ehrmantraut

The Solution

In Avionté, Integrity found a responsive and innovative partner that solved the challenges they faced. The processes that were positively impacted by Avionté included: onboarding, third party integrations, weekly payroll, invoicing, internal reporting, W-2 processing and distribution and self-hosted maintenance.

The Result

By providing the company with a new staffing software solution, Avionté streamlined multiple processes and integrated tracking and compliance features for OmniSource. Avionté resolved their main issues and helped them achieve significant cost reductions and improve efficiencies.

By eliminating additional tracking systems and the hours spent on these processes, the company was able to:
• Cut $135,000 in expenses a year
• Reallocate an unmeasurable amount of time spent from its staff on inefficient processes

Using Avionté’s eDocs and eSignatures allowed for:
• Document storage all in the same system
• Elimination of all lost or misplaced paperwork issues
• Simpler and faster auditing and reviewing

Automating the E-Verify process allowed for:
• Simpler completion and tracking of tentative non-confirmations
• Confirmation directly back into the system
• Employee verification ease

Utilizing the Avionté ACA component allowed for:
• Elimination of an external ACA software and Excel documents
• A house for all employee information in one system
• The option for automatic tracking and reporting

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