Impact Employment Solutions

Case Study

The Company

Impact Employment Solutions is a premiere staffing and recruiting firm with multiple offices throughout the Midwest and Southeastern United States.
Headquarters: Toledo, OH
Skill Segment: Commercial & Professional
Number of Internal Employees: 81
Number of Branches: 15
Client Since: 2014

The Challenge

4 Recruiters – 120 Candidates Processed a Week –
Disparate Systems

Without an applicant tracking system or online application, Impact Employment Solutions knew they were old fashioned in regards to their onboarding processes. For a five-year period, Impact onboarded an average of 120 people per week. With paper applications, applicant time averaged 40 minutes. Four recruiters managed the paper onboarding process, which included sorting paper applications, comparing resumes and making copies of onboarding documents along with scanning, printing and mailing documents. The candidate experience was poor and time to fill was significantly longer. Impact was beginning to slip behind the competition and knew they needed a change, fast!

“Time is money for us in staffing. The faster we put someone to work, the faster we make money.”

Michael Kohn

The Solution

From Paper to Paperless, Impact Implements Avionté Software
By implementing Avionté Software, Impact drastically improved their onboarding functionality. By reengineering all paper documents, configuring electronic resume parsing, requiring e-signatures and digital uploads, Impact saved time, money and greatly increased their productivity. A six month process focused on the end-to-end onboarding process. Impact installed computers in their office, creating a pleasant area for up to 50 candidates at a time. Avionté offered integrated job posting, background checks and skills assessment solutions and eliminated all manual time entry and paper invoices.

The Result

1 Recruiter – 120 Candidates Processed a Day – 1 Online Onboarding Session
Moving away from their old-fashioned ways led to a savings of $160,000 per year on salary costs and back-office resource costs. Impact Employment Solutions was able to reduce the number of recruiters, improve the candidate experience and in turn, gain more placements and clients.

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