David Aplin Group

Case Study

The Company:

David Aplin Group is a private family and employee-owned Canadian corporation founded in Alberta in 1975. Today, David Aplin Group is recognized as one of Canada’s most trusted recruiting firms. Aplin Group provides specialized talent and jobs in a variety of industries, whether temporary, contract, permanent or executive level.

Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta
Skill Segment: Professional
Number of Internal Employees: 93
Number of Branches: 9
Client Since: 2017

Strategic Objective:

A rapid change in work environment required an immediate need to pivot and adapt workflows and processes to allow employees to work effectively from anywhere.

Emerging Challenges:

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Canada in mid-March 2020, employers across the country had to scramble to adapt to the abrupt changes and social distancing measures encouraged by health officials. Though staffing firms were considered essential in Canada, many of David Aplin Group’s team members transitioned to working remotely. Suddenly, a team that typically works closely together in the same office and meets in person with talent on a regular basis was separated physically and forced to rethink how to complete their workflows from a distance.

With employees working from home across the country, David Aplin Group needed employees to be able to update their records, in real time, from anywhere. They also needed to fill positions, onboard new hires, and communicate with their talent from a remote location.

The Solution:

Leverage cloud-based solutions and integrated technologies to allow for remote access to information and create one source of truth.

David Aplin Group adapted to working remote by leveraging cloud-based technologies and integrated solutions to streamline their processes and maintain a single system of record.

To make the transition smooth and successful, David Aplin Group embraced the full Avionté ecosystem by leveraging both the power of AviontéBOLD and its integrated solutions. David Aplin Group leveraged the speed and convenience of Avionté’s mobile onboarding features paired with the Adobe Sign integration to get new hires’ information and paperwork completed in a quick and contactless manner. They also leveraged Avionté’s video interviewing features, in-app texting, job ending reminders, and Sense, talent engagement platform to maintain regular contact with talent and clients in a personal way.

The Result:

While no one could have predicted the impact COVID-19 would have on the workplace in 2020, David Aplin Group was able to quickly transition their workforce to a remote setting with the proper technologies already in place. This allowed David Aplin Group to provide their customers with uninterrupted service through cloud-based applications. In less than 24 hours, they transitioned their team to virtual offices, with access to all critical systems, where they are able to leverage their cloud-based data applications.

“In a short period of time, and with most of our applications and data in the Cloud, we have seen firsthand the robustness of our IT stack; from electronic agreements and e-sign ready tax paperwork, our team has once again demonstrated their ability to uphold the service standards which set us apart.”

Nikki Palmer
Partner, Client Service

The Take-Away:

Adopting new technology early and often prepares firms to quickly adapt when needed. With the latest technologies already in place, your workforce can pivot whenever needed. Don’t wait to take advantage of all the solutions at your disposal!

Integrated solutions allow you to have a single system of record that acts as the center of your technology ecosystem. Not only does this provide increased accuracy and a more seamless workflow, but it also eliminates barriers so your staff can work efficiently and collaboratively from anywhere.

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