Private Equity

Case Study

The Company

  • Private equity backed staffing company focused on the industrial market segment
  • 300 employees across 23 branch locations
  • Avionté client since 2013

Strategic Objective

Aggressive growth of revenue and profitability through organic growth, merger & acquisition, expanded geographic footprint, and improved economies of scale.

Emerging Challenges

Organic growth and early success with the Avionté partnership led the the client’s management team to undertake a series of rapid acquisitions of smaller staffing firms across the United States with minimal notice. Within a one-year time span, the client acquired multiple firms including one staffing agency whose head count exceeded their own. The acquired firm used a competing enterprise staffing software package and was resistant to change, putting deal value at risk. An added wrinkle was the early retirement of key executives from the acquired staffing agency.

The client re-evaluated Avionté against competing software to ensure they had the technology partner in place for long-term growth. The client’s expectation was that the Avionté software and service team would scale effectively across newly acquired branch locations, market segments, and geographic locations, while ensuring rapid use adoption, uninterrupted service and seamless payroll transitions. Moreover, the selected software needs to include critical features to support clerical and light industrial staffing operations and high transactional volume through back office processing.

To implement Avionté, the Client would need to convert large amounts of data for 9 branches and with only one week’s notice prior to the start of a new branch implementation. During this conversation, the Company needed uninterrupted service so payroll could be processed each week without disruption. In addition to data conversion, each branch’s staff needed Avionté system training to adopt new processes.

The Solution

After a full evaluation of the two software solutions, the Company determined Avionté was the best platform to achieve their goals and drive results for the business. The Company and Avionté developed a game plan to convert the acquired firm, one branch at a time, over a 6-month period. Avionté converted 2-3 branches per month, implementing each branch in 1-2 weeks. Avionté’s implementation and data conversion managers owned the process of each implementation, communicating frequently with all teams to ensure a smooth, yet rapid process.

Avionté and the Company created a partnership at the executive level and maintained close communication by meeting 2-3 times per week to review progress and identify roadblocks. Avionté leveraged the Company’s strong operations team to identify and cultivate internal advocates for Avionté who assisted with change management and set up train-the-trainer programs for system adoption.

Avionté used its existing pod structure in our account management team to ensure consistent and personalized support was available whenever needed.

The Result

Avionté performed nine conversions over a 6-month span to accommodate the Company’s rapid acquisition of multiple firms, each with very short notice. Throughout this process, accuracy and speed were critical to ensure the business had no loss in productivity and maintained full profitability. The conversions were performed with minimal technical issues and no productivity loss or down time.

The Company has cultivated their partnership with Avionté and continues on a rapid growth trajectory. Their partnership has pushed the Avionté roadmap to include enhancements that meet the needs of their ever-growing organization. Avionté has vetted their requests, scoped the work, and added their requests to the roadmap as necessary to accommodate their needs.

The Take-Away

Success came from close partnership between Avionté and its client, with each party leveraging strong operational systems for planning, project management, technology, process documentation, and training. Avionté was able to adapt quickly and scale according to the Company’s urgent needs. Ultimately, the partnership of all team members and open, consistent communication proved to be the keys to success to managing the transition smoothly.

Avionté believes that our service capabilities set us apart from competing technology offerings. Our goal is to help our clients succeed by acting as a strategic partner and extension of their own team.

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