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Integration Overview

CHANGE Virtual Card™ account is the first payments account and card approved by Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung for one button provisioning.
Designed to help you attract and retain your best talent, CHANGE allows staffing agencies to provide quick and convenient access to employee wages – within minutes – through a fully-integrated Avionté payroll process.

The Key Benefits

  • Flexible payment options allow for same-day pay, urgent pay, or scheduled disbursements.
    • CHANGE Same-Day PayTM allows agencies to pay employees for hours worked any time, any day, via card account or bank account.
    • CHANGE Urgent PayTM allows agencies to send money stipends to an employee’s card account or bank account for urgent needs.
  • Agencies can register and deliver a CHANGE Virtual card account to talent in minutes – providing immediate access to wages.
    • One-button provisioning from Avionté to the employee’s wallet makes the process quick and convenient.
  • The CHANGE account is comparable to a debit card (excluding line of credit)
  • CHANGE helps to reduce costs associated with payroll and paper checks for clients and talent.
CHANGE mobile pay card
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