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Integration Overview

Experian is the fastest growing tax credit provider in the country, offering the most flexible and streamlined WOTC solution in the industry. With more than 25 years of tax credit experience, Experian’s clients include some of the largest and most recognizable companies in the world.

Experian’s exclusive Staffing Industry WOTC program provides a customized offering specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our staffing clients. This includes streamlined integrations, industry-specific reporting, and dedicated service resources, all in place to provide a best-in-class staffing industry WOTC experience.

The Key Benefits

  • Embedded in BOLD
    The Avionté / Experian WOTC integration is designed to provide candidates with the most streamlined user experience. Consistent with the Avionté+ platform, the Experian integration embeds the WOTC questions within BOLD, eliminating the need to redirect applicants to a 3rd party WOTC. This embedded process provides a rich user experience, eliminates candidate friction, and dramatically improves the time-to-hire.
  • Fastest WOTC Survey
    Experian’s WOTC survey is designed to be the fastest and most efficient WOTC survey in the industry.  Experian asks the fewest number of questions, and applicants are not required to provide any personal information (SSN, DOB, etc.). Experian’s WOTC survey is 3 times faster than other leading WOTC providers – one of the reasons so many staffing companies have transitioned to Experian!
  • Automated Data Feed
    The Avionte/Experian WOTC integration automatically transmits the necessary payroll information to Experian, eliminating the need to upload weekly data files.
  • Say Goodbye to Supporting Documentation
    One of the major obstacles for a staffing company to receive a tax credit is the need to obtain documentation that proves an employee is eligible.  Experian’s WOTC program includes the procurement of all required supporting documentation.  Experian obtains this information directly from the applicable federal, state, and/or local agencies, resulting in the maximum credit amounts for Experian’s clients.
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