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Integration Overview

At Greenshades, tax and compliance are at the heart of what we do. We provide tax and compliance tools that make creating, managing, and filing forms a breeze. So, when it is time to submit year-end forms and payroll tax filings, you can avoid penalties and fees associated with incorrect information or late submissions.  Automatically pull the necessary information from the Avionte system to autofill your year-end forms. In a simple workflow, you can quickly review forms for accuracy and file digitally or by print and mail. Keep track of all payroll tax returns in one simple dashboard and be alerted of upcoming deadlines to be sure all returns are timely.

With Greenshades, gain access to:

  • Support for all versions of W-2s and 1099s, 1095Cs, and other year-end reporting
  • File federal and state withholdings and unemployment tax returns, and new hire returns
  • Tax form distribution digitally or through print and mail
  • Notification and tracking of filings
  • Payroll Tax Support
  • Help from our tax experts

The Key Benefits

  • Don’t spend time pushing paper during year-end; have Greeenshades print and mail your year-end forms and get valuable hours back into your January. The Greenshades Tax Filing Center is an intuitive portal to create accurate tax returns by walking you through the E-Filing process. The Tax Filing Center supports Federal, State, Local W-2s, 941, 940, SUTA/SUI, and much more. Increase your efficiency by reducing time-consuming edits and easily manage reports. This solution allows Avionte users to meet electronic reporting requirements and efficiently prepare returns in record time.
  • Each year, Greenshades distributes millions of year-end forms, saving our clients valuable time and resources. Your team can easily upload year-end information and review forms before distribution. Go paperless with online distribution, and for forms that require traditional print and mail, send forms yourself or through Greenshades. For this coming tax season, join the clients who are getting time back in January by processing year-end forms with Greenshades.
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