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Integration Overview

Build your own audience network with access to unique talent pools by having the ability to attract and source untouched new candidates. Seamless candidate experience directly guiding your job seekers into AviontéBOLD. Applications automatically populate in a user’s AviontéBOLD as Web Applications under their corresponding jobs, including a candidate’s name, email, phone, and zip code, and will be marked as being sourced from Talroo for easy attribution reporting.

Talroo’s integration also can automatically send applicants to an AviontéBOLD job page should additional action be required. Talroo also can send reminder messages to job applicants, ensuring that they complete a required action. A Talroo Account Manager is always available to optimize or adjust advertising preferences and answer any questions.

The Key Benefits

  • Talroo helps Staffing Firms and Employers source and match the right jobs with the right candidates at the right time – and in the right place for the right price at scale.
  • Talroo’s Talent-Matching Platform empowers employers and staffing firms with access to unique audiences and data-driven tools for efficient sourcing for their frontline, essential, and hourly workers.
  • Talroo is an HR Tech Product of the Year winner and is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies for hiring quality candidates. Tapping into the 2nd Largest unique job search audience in the nation, Talroo is recognized for excellence and is key to building your ideal team.
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