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Integration Overview

Hiring the right people matters, but moving too slow isn’t an option, competition for talent is fiercer than ever, and there’s increasing pressure to cut costs.

Yardstik delivers the personalization, speed, and cost savings you deserve when working with a screening partner. Their Trust & Safety experts work 1:1 with you to understand and act on your unique business needs, challenges, and goals.

Their core technology was uniquely architected to help take their customers beyond traditional background checks, with packages consisting of screening, verification, training, and continuous monitoring solutions. And it all comes together through one embeddable, feature-rich platform designed to cut costs, save time, and eliminate operational headaches.

Through seamless integration, Avionté users will be able to initiate, manage, and report on the results of Yardstik’s screening and verification solutions without ever needing to leave the Avionté experience.​​​​

The Key Benefits

Partner with Yardstik to accelerate hiring, scale your business, and bring a new level of trust and safety to your organization.

With Yardstik, you get:

  • A Strategic Partnership: Work with experts to build and maintain the right workforce screening program for your business.
  • Effortless Integrations: Plug and play with our robust APIs and pre-made UI components to configure and launch Yardstik right out of the box.
  • Cost Savings: Bring down the cost of your existing screening packages, find unique ways to reduce your costs, and tap into hidden revenue potential
  • Better Candidates & Faster Onboarding: Scale hiring when the opportunity arises, without sacrificing data accuracy and safety.
Avionté and Yardstik
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