Rishabh Mehrotra


As CEO of Avionté, Rishabh is focused on helping customers succeed through thought leadership, innovation and service excellence. A serial entrepreneur and seasoned CEO, Rishabh has successfully led technology-enabled businesses in payroll, benefits, and healthcare services with leading US and international private equity funds.

Rishabh previously served as Director and CEO for Ascender HCM, a leading payroll and HCM provider in Australasia, where he led the acquisition and transformation of the business. He was a member of the Executive Advisory Council for CVC, a multi-billion global tech private equity fund, most recently serving as Executive Chairman for BoltInc. He is the co-founder & former Executive Chairman of Kinela and serves as a Strategic Advisor to Pharmacord. Rishabh was a General Partner at Archer Capital, a $3 billion private equity fund where he served as Chairman of the Board of Supercars and was a Director of HealtheCare. Rishabh served as the CEO of SHPS, Inc., a leading private-equity backed provider of HR outsourcing, benefits management and consumer-driven health plans, CEO of Landacorp, a private equity backed medical management software business. Prior to SHPS, he was co-founder and CEO of Abilizer Solutions, a pioneering portal software firm focused on innovative employee benefits (sold to BEA).

Rishabh is a graduate of Tufts University and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School. Rishabh brings vast experience in technology leadership, acquisition, growth strategy, and HCM to Avionté.

“In this dynamic environment, we want to help our customer successfully compete for talent and efficiently manage their businesses to growth and profitability.”
– Rishabh Mehrotra