[Report] Staffing’s Greatest Challenges 2020

We surveyed more than 1,200 staffing professionals from various locations and verticals to uncover the greatest challenges they are facing in their businesses today.

Set up your staffing firm for success in 2019

[eBook] Set Up Your Firm for Staffing Success in 2019

Discover some of the proven methods, practical strategies and favorite tips to help your organization achieve success.

How to use technology to build customer loyalty

[Tip Sheet] How To Use Technology in Customer Experience

Staffing and recruiting technology is a great tool to help serve your customers better and build loyalty. Find out what elements of staffing technology create a great customer experience.

[Checklist] Best Practices for Optimizing Job Posts

In today’s market, attracting quality talent is a common challenge every staffing firm faces. Our checklist lays out best practices to optimize job postings.

Top Recruiting Trends and Methods for Staffing Success

[eBook] Top Recruiting Trends & Methods for Staffing Success in 2019

The best way for your staffing agency to thrive is by continually adopting new strategies in addition to expanding upon your proven methods.

Questions for Evaluating Your Candidate Experience

[How To] 7 Questions for Evaluating Your Candidate Experience

By evaluating your candidate experience, you can ensure you are optimizing every step of a candidate’s journey. Download these seven simple questions to help.

Sales Tools You May Not Be Using

[Tip Sheet] 5 Must-Have Tools to Boost Your Staffing Firm’s Lead Gen Efforts

By implementing a few new tools and methods, you can really start to see the results. Here are five great tools you may not be using at your staffing firm that can help boost your lead gen results.

Creating an Amazing User Experience

[Tip Sheet] 5 Tips for Creating an Amazing Candidate Experience

A great candidate experience is simply a fundamental requirement for being successful in the staffing industry. Download these 5 Tips from a User Experience Designer.

Tips for Boosting Sales Confidence

[Tip Sheet] Tips for Boosting Your Sales Confidence

A major factor of sales success – and one of the toughest to acquire – is confidence. Here are a few ideas to boost your confidence level and keep your career on track.

10 Tips for Creating Compelling Video

[Tip Sheet] 10 Tips for Creating Compelling Video

Video creates trust and can help strengthen your brand message. This is great time to start creating video. Get 10 tips on creating compelling videos that people will want to watch!

Avionte ROI Infographic

[Infographic] Avionté ROI Infographic

Avionté helps staffing firms extract as much margin as possible in an otherwise small margin industry. Our goal is to help you see 5x ROI on your Avionté Staffing Software investment through 5 critical areas. Download the infographic to see how.

Adding the Human Touch to the Candidate Experience

[Tip Sheet] 5 Tips for Adding the Human Touch to the Candidate Experience

One of the biggest challenges in staffing is blending a candidate experience that provides the ease of technology with an element of human connection. Download the tip sheet to learn how!

4 Tips on Using Social Media for Recruiting

[Tip Sheet] Grow Your Candidate Pool with Social Media

Why should you use social media to grow your candidate pool? There’s a vast array of candidates looking for a new opportunity. Get four tips to enhance your efforts across social media.

[Infographic] 3 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Software

Your staffing software should increase efficiency, be future ready and allow you to stay ahead of the competition. Do you know what questions to ask?

Best Practices to Optimize Video for Social Media

[Tip Sheet] Best Practices to Optimize Video for Social Media

If your agency is looking for a new way to attract quality candidates and grow your business, consider creating videos and sharing them on social media.

[eBook] 28 Management Questions

Asking the right questions allows you to reveal unexpected opportunities, avoid catastrophes and generate new ideas at your staffing firm.

[Pocket Guide] 3 Steps to a Successful Software Transition

This pocket guide will walk you through auditing your staffing agency software, comparing and reviewing, transitioning and training.

How to Streamline Using Technology

[How To] Streamline Using Technology Automation

Managing a staffing firm requires you to wear multiple hats. Technology automation is your key to saving money and improving your operations. Is yours up to par?

[Tip Sheet] 5 Tips for Reducing Application Abandonment

Online application abandonment rates are 60% or more. These 5 tips help protect your investment, retain talent and reduce candidate frustration.

Staffing's Greatest Challenges Report Image

[eBook] Staffing’s Greatest Challenges Report

We asked nearly 450 staffing professionals from a wide range of business sizes, roles and segments to share their biggest staffing challenges of 2019.