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The world of work is rapidly changing for employers and employees. WorkN brings both breadth and depth of experience, partnering with staffing firms across multiple verticals to meet the unique demands in recruitment, hiring, retaining, engaging, and redeploying talent. We partner with our customers to bring your mobile strategy to life to meet the needs of your customers- whether you have multiple divisions serving many verticals, or if you are highly focused and specialized.

Increase Recruiter Productivity  

Increase Gross Profit per Recruiter and spend more time focused on servicing customers.  The old days of sending mass emails, texts, and phone calls are over. Recruiters across all staffing verticals use the platform as a recruiting tool, and love the flexibility to engage talent to distribute jobs in app, to solicit “interest” or to distribute “offers” in real time 

Improve Redeployment Rates 

Curating talent pools ensures that talent receives in app push notifications about new opportunities and offers in real time, leveraging WorkN’s patented Worker Ranking technology with algorithmic matching to ensure that the phone “wakes up” for relevant opportunities. WorkN provides the platform to build a robust Total Candidate Experience in the app, giving talent more autonomy and flexibility. 

WorkN in app notification

WorkN Candidate View Opportunities

WorkN Candidate Interested Opportunities

WorkN Candidate Accepts Job

Automate the Busy Work 

The impact to time savings is immeasurable across various roles in the organization, allowing your team to be more proactive and less reactive. Quick wins include automation of scheduling schedules to replace spreadsheets, and push notifications that replace old methods of communication like mass texting, hammering phone calls, and sending emails for recruitment. 

Create Competitive Advantage  

WorkN’s apps are dual-sided, allowing firms to leverage the Client Portal with their customers. Clients can enter orders and benefit from real time access and transparency into workforce management, timecard approvals and geofencing, and worker performance metrics. Staffing firms can customize the levels of controls for each Client Portal to meet their unique needs. 

Through our deep integrations with AviontéBOLD and an open API platform, WorkN provides the capability to integrate with leading tech partners to deliver the Total Candidate Experience in-app.