ASA Staffing World 2010 Wrap-up

by John Long

After attending 12 Staffing World conferences, you’d think I’d have figured out that I’m not going to get any additional work done, other than what I’m actually there to do.  With Social Media becoming so mainstream, I get ‘encouraged’ (that’s a nice way of saying pestered) to tweet and blog about ASA as it’s happening.  But I have yet to download a twitter app to my phone, so unless they think it makes good sense to bring my laptop into the TAO nightclub so I can post while drinking and socializing, I’m not sure it is going to happen 🙂  Further – the week after ASA, every year, seems like a total blur. 

Our entire team is pretty wiped after going full throttle for 4 days straight.  
Each day starting with a networking breakfast and ending very late in the evening or early morning in the case of Vegas.   
The 5 hour energy shots we gave out at our booth became a big hit and a necessity among our staff and attendees alike.


So – here I am, two weeks later, talking about what I saw at ASA this year.  

  • Good attendance, but clearly still not to the level it was 5 years ago
  • High percentage of management level attendees.  Although it is Vegas, I still didn’t see a lot of the 10 person contingent having a boondoggle.  Yes, boondoggle is an official term, not even highlighted by spell check.
  • LOVE the Avionté team.  We had 10 people there:  me, Sandeep (COO), Brenda (Marketing/Client Services), Matt Gallagher (Sales), Jason Ortner (Sales), Mike Scoville (Sales), Katie (Support Manager), Laura (Training Manager), Angela (Staffing Technology Coordinator) and Cory (Implementation Manager).  This industry is a people business and personal connections are critical.  I’d be proud to introduce any one these people to any prospect.  This whole team truly cares about our customers and will do whatever is necessary to help. 
  • LOVE our customers:  This was Avionté’s 4th ASA and I was overwhelmed by how many customers we had there.  Everywhere I walked I would see one of our clients.  Customers were sitting at tables with other customers and not even realizing it.  I think this indicates not only our growth, but the fact that we have a great group of dynamic and innovative customers.
  • Great prospect opportunities:  For us (and most staffing software companies), we never actually sign a contract at ASA.  The goal is to further the relationship – either a new introduction or solidifying an existing relationship.  I am thrilled that we furthered 42 different relationships, which is a record for us.  

I had several great moments that made me exceedingly proud to be a part of Avionté.  Most of them I shouldn’t share with y’all, as they relate to our competition.  But here is one example I can share:

At TAO one night, Brenda and I were out on the patio behind the dance floor.  Brenda started talking to a person that was standing by herself.   After talking for a bit (in which Brenda had moseyed on to another group), this person asked me how we were different than the system she is using now.  I pointed to Brenda in a full hug with one of our current clients, and said “That company was on your current system, now they use Avionté”.  Relationship is key.

Lastly – a quick shout out to ASA for putting these shows together.  As an industry, we HAVE to stay together.  ASA is our collective voice and in my opinion, our leader in regards to battling against onerous legislation that continues to threaten our industry.  If your business isn’t a part of ASA, I definitely encourage you to look hard at a membership.  The more members in ASA, the more power their lobbyists wield.  But even if you aren’t a member, please look at their PAC’s, both national and local.  We all have to work at educating our elected officials on the benefits of the staffing industry and how legislation can negatively affect our businesses.

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