Avionté “In the Know”: Product Updates, February

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2018 is off to an amazing start! In our February release, we launched E-Signature Documents powered by Adobe Sign and IBM® Kenexa® Assess on Cloud, and are well on our way to our full paperless, mobile onboarding solution.

Our next major release in April will include the full range of Talent Tasks, allowing recruiters to quickly and easily follow up with talent to request everything from our latest release (E-Signature Documents and talent assessments) to personal information, resume, direct deposit and more!

We are also honing in on a strategic plan in 2018 to broaden our partner ecosystem with a new partner integration framework. This new framework is being built to enable flexibility and speed. Our partners will all benefit from a quicker and easier integration while you will be able to enjoy faster deployment of our partner solutions. We are excited to officially announce that NextCrew will be the first Avionté partner to take advantage of this new framework. As we continue our 2018 product development momentum, we look forward to keeping you and your teams informed on the latest and greatest happening at Avionté!


Meet AVI, the new Avionté Virtual Instructor! AVI is our new virtual trainer, who is available to you anytime you need help on the Recruiter Module. AVI is available to guide you through both existing and new feature functionality on the Recruiter Module. AVI includes:

  • Walk-through guides that take you step-by-step through features and functionality on the Recruiter Module
  • A full library of related knowledge base articles at your fingertips – simply search AVI to find the Avionté support article you need!
  • Video tutorials – video tutorials are available within some of our walk-through guides to help you get started with the Recruiter Module

AVI empowers you to learn on your own terms, giving you access to a wide range of knowledge and training at your fingertips! With a direct integration in our software, AVI is there anytime you need help or have a question! Our goal is to help you and your teams maximize your success on the Recruiter Module.

Want to learn more about AVI? Click here!



Avionté: The Past, Present and Future

We are SO excited with the feedback we’ve already received on our latest release of Self-Serve, E-Signature Documents powered by Adobe Sign and IBM Kenexa Assess on Cloud. As we move forward with our onboarding releases, we are well on track for Phase II and Phase III coming in April: the full line of Talent Tasks and the Talent Profile. The final Phase, Phase IV, will bring two of our most commonly-used onboarding partnerships: E-Verify and Essential StaffCARE (ESC) to the Recruiter Module.


IBM’s new assessment platform, Assess on Cloud, is replacing Prove It!. With IBM’s migration schedule, we have already started the deprecation process and plan to have all clients fully migrated by the end of March. As an integrated partner with IBM, we plan to make this transition as easy and seamless as possible. With that said, IBM will own the official migration schedule, but we will be there for you along the way! Our goal is to provide industry-leading assessment technology to you and your candidates through our partnership with Assess on Cloud.

We will be reaching out to those of you currently on Prove It! with more information on this transition. If you are interested in learning more about Assess on Cloud, and how this assessment technology can help you make better workforce decisions, then reach out to your Strategic Account Executive (SAE)!


We are all about improving YOUR experience!

If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us at ideas@avionte.com. We can’t wait to hear your ideas and get your feedback!

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