Customer Advocacy: Why Your Recruiting Firm Should Embrace It

Never forget that behind the resumes you screen and the job orders you take, there are real people; candidates with homes and families they want to support and employers with businesses they must operate profitably. Keeping their goals and dreams in mind can help you become a true advocate and partner.

Your client doesn’t need a few temps; he needs to get his project completed on time. Your candidate doesn’t need an assignment; he needs to put food on the table or take the next step in his career.

How can you be seen as a trusted partner?

Get to know your customers. If you ask a typical recruiting firm what sets them apart from their competition, they will often cite service or accuracy. But all it takes is one bad match to completely turn off a candidate or client – or to make them think you just don’t know them at all. Listen and react.

The best way to be an advocate is to keep their best interests in mind.

What does your firm get in return?

In one word – loyalty.

Loyalty drives repeat business and referrals, both of which mean increased revenue for you.

Satisfied customers will act as advocates for your firm. There is no greater advertisement than word of mouth. Employers and job seekers can share their experiences with their friends and colleagues. Capitalize on this by asking them to share a positive review of your company online.

Engage with current and potential customers online. Put some personality behind your brand so clients and candidates are eager to work with you. Build a platform that is true to your corporate culture.

About Avionté:

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