Anywhere, Everywhere, All at Once: Mobilizing Your Agency’s Marketing Reach

Avionté did something truly crazy last week for SIA Exec Forum 2024 in Las Vegas. We spun up a production version of our ATS and mobile talent platform under the brand name “Worktron”, posted jobs, and the more than one thousand staffing executives attending the conference could apply, interview, and onboard for these jobs from their mobile phone. 

By simply scanning a QR code, attendees downloaded a mobile app, and with a few taps, were able to search, apply, and complete the hiring process. These codes were strategically placed throughout the event on cups, napkins, koozies, and poker chips. One attendee commented that it “looked like Avionté had taken over the show.” 

The jobs weren’t real of course. Anyone who completed the process was entered into a prize drawing. But the technology was very real. If a casino had asked us to hire 100 real blackjack dealers last week, we could have processed and hired them on the spot—and paid them the same day. Our internal recruiting team was monitoring applicant progress and communicating from the ATS in the exact same way recruiters would work in real life scenario. 

And this brings us to the big so what—mobile talent platforms are going mainstream, and this demonstration underscores the limitless potential of mobile technology to support your agency’s brand and outreach. Imagine that with just a QR code, job seekers can instantaneously initiate a digital connection with your agency and engage with your recruiters from any physical or virtual setting. By strategically placing your own mobile app QR code whenever and wherever you need it, your agency can saturate the talent markets you need to reach to be successful. In the mobile sphere, your marketing knows no boundaries—everything becomes achievable. 

Mobile talent engagement
Make it easy for talent to engage with your agency with a mobile talent app

More broadly, we are entering the age of virtual staffing and virtual mobile job fairs. The recruiting campaign that Avionté set up for Exec Forum can just as easily be used to recruit machinists in Toledo, hospitality workers in New York City, and Python programmers in a streamed national event. New campaigns can be set up quickly and run concurrently through one staffing agency.    

Mobile technology provides agencies with a decisive edge because it enables recruiters to break free from physical limitations. Your recruiters can be anywhere, everywhere, all at once. This isn’t merely a shift; it’s a completely new paradigm for how to engage with talent and expand your market share.  

This seamless engagement capability is reshaping the staffing industry, fueling innovation, and propelling agencies to unprecedented levels of success. Those agencies who adapt the fastest will find themselves at the forefront of an exciting and rapidly evolving industry. 

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