The Importance of Talent Communication

Building Trust and Credibility with Your Talent Through Consistent Communication

The employment landscape is changing faster than ever before and the struggle to find talent is at an all-time high. In order to stand out against the competition in such a tight, fast-moving, ultra-competitive recruiting environment, communication with top talent during the hiring process is critical.

According to CareerBuilder, “the No. 1 frustration during the overall job search is the lack of response from employers (cited by 52 percent of all job seekers)” and “81% of job seekers say employers continuously communicating status updates to them would greatly improve the overall experience.”

Poor communication and poor experiences during the hiring process can cost you top talent. To build strong, successful relationships with your talent, transparent and consistent communication is essential for building trust and credibility. There are a number of points throughout the process that can help you build this trust and credibility with your talent with quick and thorough communication.

10 Ways to Communicate with Talent to Build Trust and Credibility:

  1. Confirm that their application has been received
  2. Let applicants know if they were selected for an interview
  3. Follow-up with candidates to see how their interview went
  4. Let them know if they made it to the next round
  5. Communicate the hiring timeline and process you’ll follow
  6. Let all candidates know as soon as a final offer is accepted
  7. Ask for feedback about the recruiting process
  8. Once an offer has been accepted, communicate the onboarding process and timeline
  9. Prior to their start date, provide ‘first day on the job’ logistical information, such as work address, start time, dress code, what to expect, etc.
  10. Don’t just wrap up communication once they start work, follow-up on their first day and set regular check in points to make sure you show your talent you care about their experience at work as well!

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