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Integration Overview

Essential StaffCARE (ESC) is the largest provider of healthcare benefits to the staffing industry, serving over 2,500 staffing company clients and enrolling over 750,000 temporary employees annually. ESC conducts operations on the industry’s only Staffing Specific Administrative Platform (SSAP), featuring turn-key implementation, communication, enrollment, and administrative programs designed for staffing.

ESC’s key product is a voluntary, Fixed Indemnity plan, designed to affordably support the day-to-day medical needs of the average hourly worker. We also offer ancillaries like Dental, Vision, Term Life, Short-term Disability, and low-cost, ACA-compliant solutions. Their benefits are proven to not only keep employees healthy, but improve retention and reduce turnover. 

ESC’s healthcare and electronic enrollment solutions have onboarding and payroll integration capabilities, simplifying benefit administration and streamlining the enrollment process. ePortal, ESC’s proprietary enrollment platform, ensures efficient enrollment with an intuitive dashboard, easy-to-understand product descriptions, mobile-friendly on-boarding enrollment tool, and best-in-class activity reporting capabilities. Staffing companies using ePortal’s automated system experience employee engagement that is four times greater than other platforms that were not built specific to staffing. 

The Key Benefits

  • Provides usable, affordable healthcare benefits that are payroll deducted on a weekly basis 
  • Shares integration with many software, payroll, and on-boarding vendors, making it easy for companies to include ESC benefits enrollment into their on-boarding process
  • Offers benefits at time of on-boarding, maximizing ACA compliance and eliminating the need for employers to track down employees to enroll after placement
  • Allows employees to pause, and then quickly resume, coverage while they are between assignments 
  • Seamlessly exchanges benefit election and deduction data between an employer’s payroll vendor/provider and ESC’s third-party administrator via a proprietary, weekly file transfer process
  • Specifically designed all insurance products and administrative processes to serve the unique needs of companies with high-turnover, hourly employee populations 
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