Avionté Places on 2017 Minneapolis Fast 50 Awards List for Revenue Growth

Avionté, a recruiting and staffing software company out of Eagan, Minnesota, has placed on the 2017 Minneapolis | St Paul Business Journal Fast 50 list, which represents the top 50 Minnesota companies with fast revenue growth!

With a three-year growth rate of 82.4 percent, Avionté jumped up six spots on this year’s Fast 50 List to No. 24!

In an interview with the Fast 50 team, John Long (Former CEO and Co-Chairman of the Board for Avionté) answered some questions about the company’s growth and success.

See the interview content below, published by the Minneapolis | St Paul Business Journal 2017 Fast 50 this morning.

“What’s been the biggest challenge managing a fast-growing company?” ~Fast 50

“The internal processes that got us from zero to $20 million will be much different than what gets us from $20 [million] to $50 million. Our biggest challenge at Avionte Staffing Software lies within creating new internal processes that can scale with the hyper-growth we are experiencing and project. The analogy is changing a tire on a car as it is moving: It’s difficult, but doable.” ~John Long

“Has the jobs and skills gap impacted your company’s growth?” ~Fast 50

“The short answer is, yes. Finding and retaining top talent is any company’s biggest issue. This is even more difficult for a tech company as there are just not a lot of great tech people out there. The challenge is and will continue to be finding the people who can do the work as we continue to grow.” ~John Long

“What went right last year?” ~Fast 50

“We’ve never forgotten who we are, and that’s continued even as we’ve experienced high growth. We’ve maintained our focus and values and all employees are working toward the same goal.” ~John Long

“What is your No. 1 priority for the year ahead?” ~Fast 50

“Our No. 1 priority is to increase our development throughput. Our main goal is to continue to provide industry-leading tools to the staffing industry in a society increasingly relying on tech. This can be done by reorganization and an increase in spending — in R&D specifically.” ~John Long

“What scares you most about the year ahead?” ~Fast 50

“I have fears from a macro-economic perspective — sliding into a recession through an economic or world event. If we don’t develop a strong second-tier management team from a motivation and accountability perspective, we will not have the ability to sustain the aggressive growth plan we have for the next three years.” ~John Long

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