It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you know about all the job orders in the system and who is the best fit for which one.  Truth is, even the best staffing specialist or recruiter can’t remember everything.  Think of AutoMatch as an extension to your brain, one that won’t forget a single employee, job order or customer!

First, be sure that all of your Customers, Job Orders and Employees have updated and correct skill codes.  I would suggest being very selective about how many you assign to each of these groups.  Use enough that you will return a good result, but not so many that you have to spend a lot of time filtering.

Next, each time you qualify a new employee, run an AutoMatch to see which job order they might be a good fit for… then assign them.  Easy as one, two, three; well at least the part about matching them is.  Getting them placed with the customer is up to you.

Coming Soon!

AutoMatch is the perfect tool to add potential employees to job orders, help locate work for employees on unemployment or workers’ comp, and coming soon it can help you in your skill marketing efforts.  That’s right, soon you will be able to not only match up an employee with a potential job order you will be able to match them up with a potential customer (even if they don’t have a current order) or another staffing agency that you are sharing orders with.  It will even work in reverse.  If you are in a customer’s record, you can run AutoMatch to find employee’s that might be a good fit with that particular customer.    For those of you that skill market often, this new feature will help you increase your efficiency and productivity.  Not skill marketing yet?  Never a better time than the present!

Questions about using this function or others in Avionté?  Feel free to contact me directly.

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