Meet Our CEO


Avionté began when four staffing software veterans posed a single question:

If we wanted to build better staffing software, where would we start?

From that simple question emerged a vision for Avionté – to create a much more user-friendly staffing software solution without sacrificing functionality.

Our founders combined extensive experience in software development with an in-depth understanding of the staffing industry to develop, exhaustively test and eventually launch Avionté Software – the staffing software solution designed, above all else, with its users in mind.

In October, 2017, Avionté leadership transferred to the proven and exceptional Minnesota-based leader, Karl Florida.

John Long has maintained both his equity in the company and his position on the board as Co-Chairman.



Avionté founders (left to right): Phi Ngo, Sandeep Acharya, John Long, and Samar Basnet.

Karl Florida, Chief Executive Officer

His responsibilities: As CEO of Avionté, Karl is responsible for driving business development, strategic partnerships and infrastructure growth in coordination with the Avionte executive team. Karl’s objective is to bring Avionte to the next level, building on the solid foundation and momentum achieved by the Avionte team under John Long’s (former CEO) leadership.

His background: Karl is a proven and exceptional leader with a long track record of working with high-growth software companies to drive the transition to SaaS. Karl joined Avionte from Thomson Reuters, where he was the Managing Director of a 900M division of the business.

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