Meet Our CEO


Avionté began when four staffing software veterans posed a single question:

If we wanted to build better staffing software, where would we start?

From that simple question emerged a vision for Avionté – to create a much more user-friendly staffing software solution without sacrificing functionality.

Our founders combined extensive experience in software development with an in-depth understanding of the staffing industry to develop, exhaustively test and eventually launch Avionté Software – the staffing software solution designed, above all else, with its users in mind.

Meet our CEO John Long, one of the founders who started it all.


Avionté founders Phi Ngo, Sandeep Acharya, John Long, and Samar Basnet.

John Long, Chief Executive Officer

His responsibilities: As the founding partner and CEO of Avionté, John is extremely passionate about developing not just great software, but real business solutions for staffing firms. In his daily role, John facilitates sales, marketing, finance, strategic partnerships and business development for Avionté. He drives Avionté forward by focusing on people and partnerships, just as much as he focuses on our software technology.

His background: John has worked hands-on at every level in the staffing software industry. So when it comes to understanding users’ needs, he gets it – because he’s been there himself. John started his staffing software career at Paychex, where he spent four years developing an in-depth understanding of back office functions, particularly payroll software processes. Then, as TempWorks’ second employee, John spent seven years doing implementation, training and conversions. He moved on to become Vice President of Sales, and then President.

John later joined eEmpACT as Vice President of Sales and became Chief Revenue Officer, responsible for creating the Account Management Division and managing support. John holds degrees from St. Olaf College in math, computer science and statistics.
Outside the office: “Work hard, play hard” is John’s motto.He’s passionate about his business, but just as passionate about spending time with his wife and four kids. He’s an active guy. Well, okay, very active. John enjoys basketball, golfing, bass fishing, scuba diving and most anything that involves being outdoors. And to call him a Green Bay Packers “fan” is an understatement. Game time is just about the only time this diehard might not answer a call from work.

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