Key Benefits


Envision your staffing software solution

When you’re given the task of finding staffing and recruiting management software for your company, sorting through the options can seem overwhelming. Whether you’re just leaving the age of paper records or you’ve been ingrained in staffing technology for decades, you have a lot of details to wade through.

We can help.



Our 10-Minute Philosophy

Literally within ten minutes, a user can not only navigate throughout the Avionté recruitment agency software system, but truly use it. By combining a clean screen design with a flow and feel similar to Windows®, our system naturally fits with what a user needs, wants and expects.

Full Integration

Offering one complete recruiting agency software solution with full integration between the front office, back office and web portals provides enormous benefits for staffing companies. Total integration ensures your staffing company is working with real-time accurate data, which leads to the staff’s ability to work faster, orders to be filled more quickly and accurately, and customers to receive immediate top-notch service.

Screen Design

Extraordinary thought went into creating the cleanest, simplest yet most fully functional and robust screen the industry has seen. The staffing software database was designed in conjunction with the desired screen features, allowing progressive functionality to flow naturally into the system.


We know every staffing agency is unique. Accordingly, we designed the database to be scalable, meeting each user’s needs. Avionté Software allows you to configure and view as little or as much information as desired. While the system captures virtually any piece of data that is important to a staffing firm, Avionté Software allows you to customize each screen so you view only the information or fields that are important to you.

Free Upgrades

The high cost of upgrading with other software vendors often leaves staffing companies years behind their competition when it comes to technology. Avionté believes no client should ever be left behind and that every client should always be equipped with the latest staffing software features available. By utilizing a single source code approach with data-driven customizations, Avionté Software allows for seamless and fast upgrades for every client, at no cost!

Web Tools

Staffing companies are becoming increasingly tech savvy and require more access to information from their vendors than ever before. With our Web Tools suite of products, customers can submit orders, look up their assignments, view invoice history, and approve timecards. Similarly, employees can apply online, look up their next assignment, view check history and enter in their own timecards. With our Job Boards, you can fill orders faster and lower recruiting costs by allowing candidates to search jobs and apply online.

Streamline the procurement process and automate the staffing lifecycle from job order creation through consolidated invoicing with our Vendor Management System.

Staffing Software That Evolves

You’ll always be one step ahead of the competition with top recruiting software. With free upgrades and cutting edge development, Avionté Software advances and changes with you, keeping you poised for growth.

We’ve given you just a glimpse of the numerous front and back office functions available with Avionté Software.

We know that’s a lot to offer in one software package. The good news is that we back our software with the Avionté Assurance Pledge.


To find out more about the benefits of using Avionté Software specifically for YOUR business, please contact us.