4 Areas All Staffing Owners Should Be Evaluating Their Business On

As a staffing professional, you are always seeking to improve your business. Whether you want to attract higher-quality candidates, gain more market share or streamline your internal systems, you know there is always room for improvement.

But how do you know where to concentrate your efforts? What steps must you take to achieve your business goals? Many of those answers can be found in our eBook, 28 Essential Management Questions, which can be downloaded here, free of charge.

Here are some of topics covered:


If growing your staffing business is not one of your top priorities, what is? Continually adding revenue and uncovering new opportunities are vital to the health and prosperity of your company. But what are the most effective strategies for growth? Adding new competencies to change your mix of business or opening new branches to increase the size of your firm’s footprint?


Among business concerns for staffing owners, risk management comes in second to growth. Increasingly, employers count on their staffing partners for expert advice on compliance. It’s more critical than ever for staffing firms to remain up to date on the ACA, workers’ compensation and insurance regulations, and OSHA standards. Having a strategy in place to help clients mitigate risk, document I-9s and process E-Verify can set you apart.


Do you know who your top performers are? Do you have a system in place to track fill rates, turnover and bill rates? Minding these KPIs is essential to understanding costs and getting the most out of each employee. If you have multiple branches, compare them to identify the most productive ones and share practices with the underperforming ones. Monitoring and controlling your metrics will keep your organization successful.


When it comes to boosting profits, revenue generation tends to come to mind first, but margin is what really impacts your bottom line. Pay attention to the details that can increase both revenues and margins; including improving systems, increasing productivity and providing an exceptional client and candidate experience.

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