4 Key Areas to Evaluate for Staffing Success

In the daily hustle of recruiting and staffing, it can be hard to take a step back from it all and truly evaluate what matters to the success of your agency. There are plenty of indicators to help track the overall health of your business, but with some many day-to-day operations and challenges, it can be difficult to keep up with it all. That’s why there are a few key areas you can focus on day in and day out to help you gauge the success of your firm without spending hours digging into data. Here are four key areas to pay attention to:

1. Future Readiness

The industry is changing. Are you? To keep up with and excel in staffing and recruiting, you must be at the cutting-edge of everything: your strategy, your tools and your employees. By evaluating how prepared your organization is from all aspects of your company, you’ll be able to assess how prepared you are for upcoming changes – both industry and technology related.

It’s important to take time to assess your future readiness, ensuring you are ready for future trends, technologies and enhancements to remain competitive. One easy place to start? Evaluating your technology solutions. Is your software or ATS ready for what the future holds? Will it adapt as talent, employees, vendors and your world adapts? Does your software provide innovative solutions, constantly updating their solution to suit your needs? This is one of the most crucial aspects of being future ready. If your technology can’t keep up, then how will you?


2. Top-Line Revenue Growth

No issue is more core to your business than growth. That means more than just sales, it also means talent engagement, exceptional service and having access to the information you need about your clients and employees. Obviously top-line revenue growth is very important to your success, but how can you measure this on a day-to-day basis? The easiest way is to have visibility into sales activity through reports and pipelines, as well as ensuring you are using a system that keeps your entire team – sales, recruiters and operations – on the same page.

No matter your sales or recruiting KPIs, if you have a system that allows your team to collaborate on accounts, this can help ensure success. Not to mention, having a system that your sales team can access no matter where they are – out on a sales call or in the office – empowers them to be as productive as possible. All of this means you can drive more top-line revenue.

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3. Automated Processes

It probably goes without saying, but if you aren’t taking advantage of automated processes in your staffing and recruiting organization, then you are probably slipping behind the competition. Arguably one the best ways to take advantage of automation in your organization is through recruiting software. By finding a way to help aid your recruiters in identifying high-quality candidates faster, then you can be sure you are on the right path to success.

Have you taken advantage of software that helps you automate the recruitment process? Does your software parse resume quickly and efficiently? Does your software help you automate the onboarding process? Does your software help you focus in on the best talent, giving recruiters an easier way to sift through their candidate pool?

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4. Productivity Levels

Time is money – and the faster you put your talent to work, the more you can increase your bottom line. There’s no question that the more productive your teams, the more successful your business. But how do you know if your team is being productive? What are some ways to keep track of productivity levels?

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Like your future readiness, a lot of your productivity depends on the technology you have implemented. And to ensure your recruiters and sales teams are productive, you must have the right tools in place. Ensuring your staffing and recruiting software can allow your teams to focus on recruiting and selling will help your sales teams sell more and your recruiters place talent faster. Your ATS and recruiting software should be user-friendly, giving you options that integrate with your workflows. It should empower users to easily input data, automate cumbersome processes and easily reach out to talent/prospects.

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