Five Key Elements to Selecting the Right Staffing Software PARTNER

by John Long, CEO of Avionte Staffing Software

Investing in a software provider is a large commitment. Make the right decision.

Here are five key things I would suggest you consider before signing the paperwork:


  • No long-term contracts. It’s my belief that I need to earn my clients’ business, each and every month. If we are not doing our job and holding up our end of the bargain, then you should have every right to find a partner who will. It’s your job to make the right choices for your company, and being locked into a contract should not dictate how those choices are made.
  • Growth and Innovation. The staffing industry is ever-changing and extremely competitive. Your software system is at the center of all that happens in your business. If you’re not partnered with a company that’s growing and innovating right along with you, then find one that’s a better fit.
  • Focus on Service. Your company needs a staffing software provider that focuses on making you happy, every single day. This means providing you with great, above-and-beyond customer service. Look at how your software provider treats their clients. Do they pull out all the stops to ensure their customers are getting a software product that meets and exceeds their needs?
  • Great references. Is it more important what your company says about itself, or what others say about your company? Unarguably, it’s what other people say about you that really matters. Before selecting a staffing software vendor, talk to their current clients, past clients and industry suppliers. And don’t just settle for the firms on the reference list. Dig deeper to find other current clients. Understanding how the staffing software vendor works with their clients and with other companies in the industry will give you a good indication of how they will work with you.
  • Leadership Team. Get to know the company’s leadership team. Your sales representative could be the nicest guy/gal on earth and should give you a good indication of the type of people who work for the company. However, this is not the person who will be supporting you after the sale. Who manages the Implementation, Development, Customer Care, and Support teams? Who leads the direction of the company and sets the standard for its ethics and values? Does the vision of each of these departments align with goals you have as a company? And how accessible are these people to you?

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