4 Recruiting Mantras to Follow in 2016

New Year, new strategies. In the staffing industry, no two years are alike. That’s why we must be prepared to roll with the changes. 2016 looks to be a good year for the U.S. economy, but that can sometimes mean a tough year for staffing firms and their partners.

Here are a few ideas that can improve your results and serve your clients and your candidates better.

Redefine cultural fit. Cultural fit has become a buzzword in the industry, but in many cases, it’s degraded to mean little more than “people we like.” Work with employers to determine what truly defines their company culture. Are people expected to operate independently? Collaborate? Is it a fast-paced environment where everyone is expected to keep up? Are ideas welcomed equally from all quarters or do they prefer that a predetermined hierarchical structure be followed? Encourage employers to be honest with applicants about what it’s like to be a part of their organization and to use the interview to discover if it’s the right fit for them both.

Retention is more important than ever. With the recession on the wane and opportunity on the rise, it’s only natural for employees to test the waters. People who had been happy to have a job (any job) may now realize that it’s a seller’s market for talent. Hang onto your best people by ensuring that they don’t have to leave your organization to find opportunity. Talk to your employees to learn their dreams and goals. Draw up development plans together and know where each of them is going next. Teach your clients to do the same with their employees.

Mind your own house. As the talent market shifts and recruiting becomes more challenging, you may find a dip in your staff’s performance. Some of it can be attributed to the competitive talent market, but it may also be the case that middle-of-the-road recruiters who earned a good living in a down economy may not have the skills to succeed as things get tighter. Analyze performance and increase your training commitment to improve the people you want to retain and replace those who continue to underperform.

Consider technology your best hire. Staffing software can be like an employee – one that must bring assets to your organization and be a great fit. Write a “job description” for what you expect from your next technological investment and interview vendors as you would a candidate. Products like CRM, ATS and other staffing software often serves some of the functions of administrative help. Why not analyze what they bring to the table as you would a new hire?

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