6 Strategies for Overcoming Staffing Sales Objections

Surprisingly enough, there are still organizations that don’t see the value in staffing or know how to use it to their best advantage. Educate them well on the benefits staffing can offer and you are likely to have a partner for life.

Consider these strategies to overcome or prevent reluctance to working with a staffing and recruiting agency.

Understand Your Audience

Who are you speaking to? Hiring managers? HR? C-level executives? They each have different priorities and you’ll need to take a different approach with each. Generally speaking, hiring managers worry about getting things done, HR cares about compliance and executives are focused on the bottom line. Consider what objections may arise from those concerns and prepare to address them.

Anticipate Their Needs

Dig into the websites of your target companies to see what they are working on now and what may be planned. Set up a Google alert for your top prospects to be notified of new developments and offer solutions for any road bumps they are likely to encounter. Expansion in the works? You can quickly deploy the staff they need. Taking on a highly technical project? You have the know-how to deliver highly qualified talent.

Marry Sales and Marketing

Marketing and sales should work closely together to develop strategies that grow, making it easier for you to close sales. Marketing can pave the way by letting prospects know what your staffing firm has to offer, what problems you solve and what differentiates you from the competition.

Be Realistic About Timelines

Staffing is not a one-call close. Be prepared to spend months or even years winning over a new client. Developing relationships takes time, but the payoff can be huge. Don’t hesitate to take on any request you can successfully fulfill. By the same token, don’t jump at opportunities too far outside your area of expertise to handle well.

Offer Social Proof

You have no stronger resource than the word of your clients’ peers. Ask current clients for testimonials or draft case studies around your success stories. But be selective about the ones you use. Choose the ones that apply to their specific industry or challenges, don’t just bombard prospects with irrelevant reviews.

Become a True Resource

Position yourself as a thought leader who really knows the industry. Potential clients should think of you as an expert and a problem solver so they will come to you first when they are ready to buy. Blog, participate in social media or volunteer your services as a speaker. If you are so inclined and have the ability, write a book or create informative videos.

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