Apply These 5 Techniques to Overcome Objections During Staffing Sales

When you talk to prospects about staffing, their walls go up fast.

But by focusing on what the client truly needs – and not what you hope to sell – the walls come down, brick by brick.

You’re probably tired of hearing these:

  • We don’t use temporary employees.
  • You’re too expensive.
  • We handle hiring in house.
  • I’m happy with my current provider.

How can you rise above these common objections?

  1. Prepare. There is no excuse for not knowing your potential client, inside and out. Examine their websites, social media and press releases to uncover what they are working on, and how you can help. Do they appear to be in a building phase or downsizing? Are they taking on new projects, entering new partnerships? Each of these represents a challenge that you can solve.
  2. Connect. Avoid going in cold whenever you can. Comb your contact list to find a common friend or ally who can introduce you. When a common connection exists, decision makers are more likely to at least hear you out.
  3. Ask questions. Don’t interrogate the client, but do ask clarifying questions that will give you insight into how you can better provide a solution. If a client claims not to use temporary employees, ask if he never uses them, or is just not currently using them. This can help you determine under what circumstances he might try again.
  4. Offer value. If a client is new to staffing or new to working with you, they may focus entirely on your markup. They see a $12 an hour employee turning into a $12+ dollar an hour employee and understand the benefits you bring. But don’t just rattle off a list of great features and benefits your firm offers. Ferret out his pain points and show how you can resolve them.
  5. Provide proof. If you are unknown to your potential client, you still have avenues to prove your reliability and performance. Provide testimonials, case studies or online reviews that will offer assurance that you deliver on your promises

And a bonus:

Never disparage other providers. You could be insulting the very prospect you hope to entice. If your competitor is truly inferior, their clients will soon figure it out.

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