ACSESS National Conference 2015: May 13-15

Each year, the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services (ACSESS) puts on a spring conference that brings in staffing and recruiting professionals from across Canada for an informative and impactful three-day conference event.

And this year’s ACSESS Conference is just a few weeks away!

This year’s conference will take place from May 13th to May 15th at the Marriott Chateau Champlain in Montreal, QC. The staffing industry’s top thinkers, leaders and innovators will present on the industry’s strategic issues, developing trends, future opportunities, and current challenges. Plus, come for an unparalleled opportunity for networking!

The Avionté team will be present at this year’s conference. Be sure to stop by to meet our team, and to learn how Avionté provides a top recruitment software platform that contains key features and functionality designed for Canada-based staffing firms: functionality that most other staffing and recruiting software providers simply don’t have.

What is some of the Canada-specific functionality that Avionté provides?

Avionte Canada

  1. Web Portals. Our web portals – including our Customer Portal, Applicant Portal, Job Board Portal, and Employee Portal – all are built to be extremely user-friendly and adaptable for our Canadian clients.
  2. eDocs. With Avionté eDocs, you can easily access and complete T4’s and other key forms required for employee onboarding in Avionté reports. Then, save and upload your forms for access from the Employee Portal.
  3. Bulk ROE’s. You can generate a Bulk ROE XML feed and submit it easily to the CRA in just a few simple steps with Avionté. You can export the XML feel through the Avionté Weekly Process window, and can automatically add Comments, Last Generate Date, Reason for Issuing, and more, to avoid ever submitting duplicate employee info.
  4. Stat Holidays. In a few simple steps, Avionté can generate a Statutory Holiday Report for all your employees. Simply enter data based on the statutory holiday pay rules for your employee’s corresponding province into the report parameters. The report will quickly return a list of all employees eligible for statutory holiday pay.
  5. Vacation Pay. Set up accrual plans and monitor employee vacation time effortlessly in Avionté. You can set up a new Accrual Plan, or edit an existing Accrual Plan in Avionté’s Admin Tools. Plus, apply additional accrual units to an employee record at any time, and easily view historical accrual history.

Avionté Canada clients: expect even more features and functionality built for you in our upcoming version, Avionté Staffing Software Release 15.1, including embedded T4 documents, so you never have to leave the system to download and fill out employee documentation for tax purposes. Ease your whole process, and save countless hours with Avionté Canada.

Contact us to learn more. We’ll see you at the ACSESS National Conference 2015!


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