Agenda For The Holidays

Agenda For The Holidays


“I focus like a razor beam on preparing for success in the year ahead. Starting in mid-November I begin to write down specific goals I want to accomplish and I also formulate quarterly benchmarks to keep me honest along the way.” — Kristopher B. Jones


The holiday season is upon us which means hiring has slowed and productivity is abysmal. Prospects, recruiters, and hiring managers will be hard to connect with and thus, a slowdown in requisition activity will result. With the break in your usual recruiting to-do’s, go ahead and utilize this lull in activity to build relationships and forecast 2017.


For Yourself


Go to networking events, touch base with your contacts, interact with groups on LinkedIn, and talk to department heads to see what roles they anticipate will need filling in the new year. Use this time to strategize and be ready to hit the ground running once the office comes back to reality after the holidays.


For Employees


Are you a manager? Supervisor? CEO? Now is a great time to inspire employees for the coming year. Let the team know where they excelled and use those accomplishments to set forth a positive outlook for 2017. Additionally, encourage everyone to take time off and recharge. Their gratitude from your recognition will result in happier employees, and happiness makes people 12% more productive.


“It has been proven that by offering flexible scheduling, employees will be more productive when they are in the office,” says Michael C. Fina. “This is especially important during the holidays, when workers are personally busy.”


These are just some suggestions on how you can use the seasonal slowdown to network, prepare for the new year, encourage your team, and recharge your professional battery.

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