ATS | CRM Buying Tips

ATS | CRM Buying Tips

Whether you’re unhappy with your current provider or looking to implement your first ATS | CRM, it’s important to find software that is a value-add to your organization. Below are some key must haves that an applicant tracking system should possess in order to maximize your ROI:


Intuitive. If software is not intuitive, is click-heavy (requires multiple actions to get from Point A to Point B), or difficult to navigate through, you will have a group of unhappy recruiters. Software should be instinctive and your ability to find, track, and engage with candidates should not be derailed by a cumbersome user interface. You need something that enables you to maintain a productive and fluid work day.


Configurable.  Recruiting methods vary by recruiter, position, timeline of hire date, etc., which is why having the ability to tailor your system to match your workflow is invaluable. To keep hiring and internal communication running smoothly, a configurable ATS/CRM will be a game-changer.


Mobile. Did you know that 77% of job seekers are looking for jobs on their smartphone? The online job search has become the norm for job seekers, so if you’re not utilizing mobile enabled recruiting software you’re missing out on a lot of applicants. It is imperative to give potential candidates the ability to access your job board from their cell phone or tablet.


Partnerships. In addition to an ATS | CRM, the recruiting and hiring process requires extra products and services in order to get personnel recruited, on boarded, and managed. As such, it’s vital for your software provider to have partnerships with a variety products and service companies – payroll, sales tools, social networks, back office, and operations – to ensure that your system is a one stop shop for all pieces of the hiring process.


Customer Service. In short: Customer Service is king. You’re paying for a service and you should be treated to a high level of support. Questions come up and issues arise, so it’s essential for your service provider to supply you with an attentive customer service rep.


Utilizing the list above will help guide your search and ensure that you choose an ATS | CRM that will increase recruiting productivity, reduce time to fill, and maximize your ROI.

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