Avionté Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts in 2016

With the ongoing mission to touch lives and drive change, Avionté corporate social responsibility reached new heights in 2016 with the Hope Foundation.

The Avionté Hope Foundation (AHF) was founded in 2012 with two missions. First, AHF aims to positively impact the lives of individuals by helping them achieve long term life improvement through financial and personal support. Second, it works to help Avionté employees be more involved in charitable activities and start making a difference.

Today, Avionté corporate social responsibility efforts have reached to over 40 organizations in the Greater Twin Cities and Kathmandu, Nepal. Avionté recieved national recognition by the American Staffing Association in 2016, placing on its ASA Care Award for the third time.

Some initiatives from 2016 include:

  • Drafts and Diapers, Beer For Hope. Avionté began hosting beer and wine tasting events at the office in 2016 to to help employees wind down the work week. The Avionté Hope committee had an idea; why not use this great social time to further benefit the local community? As a result, Avionté collected over $1,000 worth of items for The Link, Options for Women – East and others.
  • Yard Clean Up With DARTs. DARTs is a local senior citizen outreach program that enables independence through home services. Avionté volunteers spent many days with DARTs raking lawns, prepping flower beds and cleaning up yards.
  • A School Supply Drive and a Great Dane Visit. In August, Avionté held a school supply drive at the office to give to 360Communities and got a visit from the Great Dane Rescue of MN and WI.
  • So much more! Additional initiatives of last year can be found on the Avionté Hope blog.

Looking back on 2016:

In 2016, Avionté employees spent over 1,000 hours of their time volunteering through the Avionté Hope Day program. In addition, Avionté partnered with over 10 additional nonprofits and organizations and gave nearly $45,000 to local charities and nonprofits. To date, the Avionté Hope Foundation has given over $200,000 to local nonprofit organizations.

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